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Packaging manufacturers tell you why food packaging bags have odors

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-13
The peculiar smell of food packaging bags will cause food to taste bad, and even affect the quality of food and endanger people's health. In particular, foods such as chocolate, milk powder, wafers, and potato chips are particularly sensitive to odor requirements. What are the possible reasons for the odor of food packaging bags? In the printing process, various solvents are often used to dilute the ink in order to improve the printing adaptability of the ink, improve the ink transfer strength, and make the printed product more colorful, full and lifelike. After the ink is transferred to various films, the solvent in the ink will gradually volatilize; if the surface of the ink is first cured, it will hinder the effective volatilization of the internal solvent, and the solvent will be released completely, that is, the solvent residue we belong to exceeds the standard. Residual solvent odor affects the packaging material. The length of ink drying time is directly related to the boot speed. If the start-up speed of the food packaging bag exceeds the correct process requirements, the ink will be cured on the surface of the film, and the internal solvent will not be fully volatilized, especially if the last set of colors is a large color block, the printing process should also be based on the base selected for printing. Different types of inks are selected for the material, and different solvents must be used when using different types of inks. Due to the diversity of printing patterns, patterns can be composed of single-color blocks or multi-color blocks. If the speed of the food packaging bag is not matched with the air volume and temperature in the early stage of production, various solvent residue problems will occur. Moreover, under the heavy load of the dry method, due to the difference in the amount of glue, there are different requirements from 3 grams to 6 grams per square meter, and the viscosity of the adhesive in production also has various requirements. If the process parameters are set unreasonably, it is also very difficult to The problem of excessive solvent residue is prone to occur. The influence of the compounding process of food packaging bags 1. Select the two-component glue that is compatible with the ink, and the solvent also needs to compound the odor requirements, so that there is no irritating odor after the finished product. 2. The control of the amount of glue must be strictly implemented. If the amount of glue is too large or the glue layer is too thick, the solvent will be insufficiently volatilized, resulting in excessive residual solvent. 3. The speed of the dry laminating machine should match the viscosity of the adhesive, so that the adhesive can be fully dissolved in the solvent, and the cleanliness of the adhesive must be guaranteed without impurities, otherwise the coating will be uneven. It affects the volatility of the solvent, making the solvent volatilization of each layout inconsistent. 4. Set the temperature of each section of the oven of the dry compound machine, track the speed of the vehicle, and set the temperature of each section, usually around 70 °C, 80 °C, and 90 °C. The exhaust air volume has completely and effectively eliminated the film odor. 5. The food packaging bag should be cured after compounding. The curing time and temperature should be well controlled. The curing time is generally 24-28 hours, and the temperature is about 45 °C. Incomplete curing will not only produce peculiar smell, but also seriously affect the peeling strength. At the same time, ensure smooth air intake and exhaust in the curing room.
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