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Packaging manufacturers tell you why static electricity occurs in plastic packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-13
We are all familiar with the products made by plastic packaging bag manufacturers, which can be seen everywhere in supermarkets and in our lives. A plastic packaging bag is a packaging method in which a product is added to an airtight packaging container, the air inside the container is removed, and the sealed container reaches a predetermined degree of vacuum. In fact, we can use this kind of packaging bag to delay the deterioration of food, and we can also use it to package electronic components, but at this time, we need to discharge static electricity. Generally, if the weather is sunny, the temperature is not very high. , do not need anti-static, generally needed in relatively dry weather, because high temperature will increase friction, which will increase the amount of static electricity, it is easy to fire, it needs to be placed in a dust-free environment, control the air moisture, so as to avoid static electricity. At the same time, when we store products, we must create an environment that matches the products, which can beneficially extend the life of the products and save us costs.
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