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Packaging planning tips and ideas

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-11
Packaging planning skills and concepts For brand owners, retail packaging plays an irreplaceable role in marketing promotion, because retail packaging is the final link in the interaction between customers and brands before customers make purchasing decisions. Therefore, the planning of displaying content and effects on the front (main display surface) of retail packaging should be able to aggregate the three functions of brand promotion, marketing promotion and product advertising. Packaging professional packaging planners can complete the above three functions in packaging, and even complete more functions. If the brand has satisfying characteristics, can its product gain a foothold in the market? not necessarily! Because it also needs to be clear about the most important feature information the product wants to convey to the customer. So packaging planners need to consider, if there is something to make a product, what is it? Then, put the top information about the outstanding product features in the most prominent position on the front, and the non-essential information is arranged in order below it. If the branding of the product is the focal point of the plan, consider adding a brand slogan next to the brand logo. However, it should be noted that the application of a brand slogan is not a one-time event, but a long-term application, because if you search for ideas from scratch, it will often lead to a rupture in planning. Ability to use shape, color, illustration, and photography to enhance the brand's focus. Most importantly, allow customers to quickly find the product the next time they shop. Positioning a brand is about clarifying the central values ​​of the company and its brand. When brand positioning, do not underestimate the understanding ability of today's customers, and repeatedly ask questions about the product that may be encountered, such as: Is this a common value proposition? What is the primary product advantage? Can it bring about the optimization of lifestyle? Can it assist customers in achieving convenience? When a new brand or an old brand is doing product extension, packaging planners need to keep in mind: attracting customers' attention is the most important policy. Having a clear window on the front of the package to show the product inside has almost always been a wise choice, as customers want visual recognition when shopping. Beyond that, shapes, patterns, graphics, and colors all have the ability to communicate without the aid of words. You can make full use of those elements that can effectively display product characteristics, influence customers’ shopping desires, establish customer emotional connections, and create outstanding product textures to create a connection with a sense of belonging. It is recommended that the pictures used should contain elements that can reflect the characteristics of the product, and integrate the elements of the lifestyle together. Customers today often consider how well the values ​​of the chosen brand align with their own values ​​and lifestyles when judging products. create a“reason to trust”A brand that can boost the sales of the brand’s other standalone products. If a brand has sufficient plasticity to expand into other product categories, then the brand also has central brand identity. After that, a successful brand platform can expand to other areas by adding product varieties or expanding product lines. Apply floorplanning to new products or new product categories, test the various functions of packaging planning, and focus on a large number of imaginative products and extended product categories, not just the flagship products , to ensure that the packaging of various products achieves the effect of complementing each other, so that all varieties of products are considered as a brand, and it is easy to identify each individual product. Even, it is possible to redesign the packaging for the core product line, but care should be taken to avoid creating platforms that are not malleable and malleable, and avoid restricting the future development of the brand. Packaging, professional 25-year production of clothing packaging bags, gift packaging bags and other advanced packaging bags, if you are interested in the above packaging bags or have questions, please call: 189-2679-9128,——Your intimate packaging bag printing staff throughout the process. Professional custom packaging bag plastic bag/non-woven bag PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan QR code for consultation
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