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Packaging processing also requires skill

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-16
Recently, when our packaging processing company was packaging industrial tapes for customers, it was found that the packaged products were prone to bursting. After repeated inspections, it was confirmed that the packaging film was too small. When the tape is packaged, since the packaging film will seal the packaging film when it is back-sealed, when the packaging film is sealed, the molded bag through the packaging film will become smaller than it actually is, so this time the packaging The size of the film forming bag was small, which caused the film burst this time. Therefore, when customizing the packaging film, it is necessary to measure the specific size of the product through a measuring tool, and then add an appropriate tolerance method to make the film, only in this way can the product not be easy to burst the packaging film; in fact, the size of the tolerance There are certain skills in the setting. If it is too large, the packaged effect will be very different from the original intended effect of the product. Therefore, the setting of this tolerance range is somewhat tricky. Only when this size is set, the packaging effect will be closer to the ideal state. The products packaged by packaging film have many effects, which are conducive to the storage of goods, and are also conducive to making the appearance of the product more attractive and increasing its added value.
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