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Packaging processing customers need to communicate patiently

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-26
Customers of packaging processing often wonder: how to package such a small amount of products, and the packaging cost is so high? Sometimes there may even be such a situation: according to a certain quantity, the packaging processing price has been negotiated with the customer, and the final quantity of the customer decreases, and the customer communicates with the customer. The packaging processing price needs to be increased due to the reduction in the quantity, and the customer is more difficult to understand, and even will Think we are not honest. The first order of rubber pad packaging had the situation mentioned above: the original packaging quantity was more than 50,000 packs, and the packaging price was 0.04 yuan/pack. Later, because the other customer changed the order, the quantity became 30,000 packs. Communicating with customers, explaining that the situation requires an increase in unit price, but the customer does not understand how, and always thinks that we are not keeping our promises. Although the customer’s packaging order this time was not large, but considering that there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future, I patiently explained the situation with the customer. From the beginning, the customer’s anger against us for 'backlash' was finally eased and negotiated. Later, the packaging processing order was handed over to our company. In the first cooperation, the customer was very satisfied with the effect of our packaging, also understood our packaging process, and fully understood the first price change. For the second packaging processing cooperation, the customer took the initiative to contact our company. Packaging processing often encounters problems of one kind or another, but as long as we patiently explain and communicate with customers, we believe that the problem can still be solved. The article comes from a professional valet packaging manufacturer-Dongguan (, please indicate the source for reprinting.
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