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Packing pillow type automatic packaging machine sent to Yongjie Plastics

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-24
Not long ago, Dongguan Yongjie Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yongjie) and Uxin Packaging signed a contract for the ZS-2000 high-speed pillow-type automatic packaging machine. Today, our company has successfully delivered the equipment to the Yongjie plant and arranged related arrangements. Technical personnel to Yongjie to guide and train equipment operation matters. Dongguan Yongjie Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (Yongjie Industrial City for short) is a large-scale Hong Kong-funded enterprise invested and established by Hong Kong Yongmao Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with a 30-year history of operation. At present, it has a total of 6 factories, mainly for manufacturing. The company mainly produces and sells plastic gift toys, and owns the production rights of internationally renowned brands such as Disney, Bandai, and Dome. The products are sold to Europe, America, Japan, Australia and other countries and regions. ZS-2000 high-speed pillow-type automatic packaging machine Purpose: It can be used for packaging biscuits, egg rolls, dried noodles, tableware, cutlery, toys, hardware, household chemicals, cards and other products. Features: 1) Adopt the packaging form of bottom feeding and top middle sealing; 2) Double frequency conversion control; 3) DP/PLC control system; 4) Automatic tracking of color code positioning by electric eye; 5) Digital display temperature controller for each sealing temperature , Independent control; 6) Integrate the functions of pillow packaging machine and vertical packaging machine; 7) More suitable for automatic packaging of sticky and irregular products. Article source: All rights reserved Website: www.cfpack.
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