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Photographic Screening Gravure Plate Making Process of Packaging Bag Manufacturers

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-04
The photogravure of the packaging bag manufacturer uses the subtle difference in the thickness of the carbon paper adhesive layer to change the depth of the M hole on the printing plate to create the original layer. In actual operation, there are many variable factors, such as the sensitization of carbon*paper, the temperature and humidity in the incident, the variable factors in the corrosion process, etc., will affect the quality of the printing plate. Therefore, we strive to stabilize the quality of the corrosion intaglio plate and simplify the process. The long-cherished wish of the R platemaking industry for many years. In order to solve the problems in the photogravure plate making, the packaging bag manufacturer has developed the plate making process of the photoscreening F1 plate. The photoscreening gravure is different from the photogravure: it is not transferred by carbon paper, it is connected to the printing plate cylinder and coated with photosensitive glue, and then the meshes with dots are adjusted and exposed. The result of the exposure is the blank part. The adhesive layer is hardened by photosensitivity, and the adhesive layer dissolves during the development of the image and text part. During the corrosion process, the cells of the same depth but different areas are formed by the corrosion process of the Gewen part. Since the screened gravure plate does not use carbon paper, the photoscreened gravure plate making method is also called direct plate making. The photogravure plate making method is called indirect plate making method. The process flow of direct plate making.
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