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Pillow packaging machine running away and supporting use plan

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-20
The pillow packaging machine is placed horizontally when the machine is running, just like lying down, hence the name pillow packaging machine. When it is running, the conveyor belt will automatically transfer, and the items placed on the conveyor belt can be individual, blocky, or solid objects of regular size. Usually, when conveying every kind of regular solid, there will be corresponding supporting equipment for use. For example, when the pillow packaging machine is packaging cards, the card issuing machine can be used to cooperate with the normal operation of the packaging machine. When packing cards, you only need to put the cards into the card issuing machine in batches, and set the card quantity parameters. When the machine is turned on, the card issuing machine will automatically transfer the cards into the conveyor belt according to the set quantity, and then the conveyor belt will carry the cards. Entering the packaging area, there is no need for manual operation during the whole process. When the number of cards sent by the card issuing machine does not match the setting, the machine will automatically stop and send an alarm to let people find and deal with the problem in time. For such a complete supporting program, we still recommend using it of. The use of this packaging processing package can reduce manpower and material resources, can improve packaging efficiency, and also help to further improve packaging quality. If you need to buy this packaging equipment, you can contact us, we look forward to your cooperation and participation.
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