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Plastic bag classification application

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-10
The exterior of the PE plastic bag does not look very transparent, it has a turbid feeling, and the toughness is relatively good. Many handle bags are made of PE material. The outer packaging of many products is made of PE plastic bags, and the specifications are large. Plastic bags for industrial use, so PE plastic bags are still widely used. The thinnest blown film thickness of PE plastic bags can be 1C, or even thinner. Many outer packagings for bottled water belong to that category. . PO plastic bags have good bearing capacity, higher hardness, and slightly lower transparency than other plastic bags. Because of their better bearing capacity, they are widely used in shopping malls and hotel industries. Most of the vest bags are made of PO material. PVC plastic bags are soft in texture, and the thickness generally used is a little thicker than that of ordinary blown film plastic bags. There are many manual ingredients in the production of PVC plastic bags. At present, an automated production line has not been formed. It is not as large as the output of other yuan-line bags. Therefore, the price still has a certain profit margin. As PVC plastic bags are not environmentally friendly materials, relatively speaking, certain industries have certain limits. PP plastic bags are relatively transparent among blown film plastic bags. Generally used in the outer packaging of the product more. The OPP plastic bag has a crisp and hard texture and high transparency. It is difficult to tear if there is no gap, but it can be torn without any force if there is a little gap. The processing technology is made by a heat-cut sealing machine. If the edge of the cut seal is cut and sealed It’s easy to burst when the machine is not adjusted at the time, or when the raw materials are defective, but generally there is no problem with the generally loaded items if they are not specially required. There are two forms of sealing edge, one is line cutting and sealing. The other is the explosion-proof edge cutting and sealing. In fact, the two methods are the same when made, but it is because of the straight knife and the reverse knife. The process flow of OPP plastic bags, generally speaking, first cut to the appropriate specifications, and then print if there is printing, if not, just fold it directly, add viscose and white pearl film according to the requirements of the order, and then place it. After a period of time, it can be cut and sealed directly, then punched according to customer requirements, and then packaged and shipped. The scope of application of OPP plastic bags, such as greeting cards, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, etc., can often see traces of OPP plastic bags.
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