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Plastic bag color knowledge

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-28
The color of the plastic bag itself, in fact, the color of the plastic bag itself will change due to the change of the thickness of the plastic bag, take a single-layer 2-wire thickness plastic bag as an example. If the thickness of the bag is a single layer of 2 threads, its color is completely different from that of a single layer of 7 threads. . On the contrary, the thinner the bag, the more transparent it will be. This is why many businesses who are not familiar with plastic bags will see the transparent plastic bags as white plastic bags. The plastic bag manufacturer here reminds you that the color of the plastic bag itself is not transparent, so if you require the bag to be opaque, please strengthen the thickness of your bag or add color masterbatch. The colors of polyethylene plastic bags are different because of the addition of colored substances such as color masterbatch or toner. According to the needs of different types, different colors of plastic bags are made. The chemical composition is different, three: the price is different, four: the use is different. First of all, let's talk about the chemical composition, that is, the difference in materials. Some manufacturers use recycled materials in order to save costs. These recycled materials may have colors themselves. They are granulated after crushing the plastic products, with the color of the original products. , There is also the possibility of later coloring, not to discuss, it is different from the chemical composition of genuine raw materials. Secondly, the prices are also different. We all know that the prices of general garbage bags and food bags are different. The garbage bags are generally black, and the price is lower than the food bags in our lives, so the color can also be said to represent the price or use.
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