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Plastic bag printing factory uses 4 strokes to ensure the quality of plastic bag printing

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-01
The structure and operation of the printing press determine the quality of the printed matter, and these four elements are: squeegee, embossing rubber roller, ink supply system, and drying box. Below, professional flexible packaging manufacturers interpret how the plastic bag factory ensures the printing quality of packaging bags from these four aspects. 1. Only by scraping can a good product be printed. If you want to scrape the excess ink clean, without hanging dirty, running ink (color running), and knife line, you must set the hardness, height and angle of the scraper to be appropriate. Adjust placement. 2. The hardness and pressure of the embossing rubber roller material directly affect the amount of ink on the printed matter. The hardness of the material of the embossing rubber roller affects the amount of inking. The pressure of the rubber roller is large, and the amount of ink is large. The pressure of the rubber roller is small, and the amount of ink is small. The printing plate pattern is deep, and the material of the imprinting rubber roller is required to be harder; the printing plate pattern is shallow, and the material of the imprinting rubber roller is required to be softer. If the printing speed is fast, the material of the embossing rubber roller should be harder, and if the printing speed is slow, the embossing rubber roller with softer material should be selected. 3. The circulation of the ink supply system of the printing press must be good, and the ink must be kept in constant flow at all times. Always maintain the consistency of ink viscosity, measure regularly, and add solvent regularly. The old and new inks should be mixed and used in proportion. Use complex solvents. Prevent the proportion of ink components from being out of balance, precipitation and anti-coarse phenomenon. It is best to use an ink pump and an ink stirrer for ink circulation. Note that the ink hopper should not be too large, and the size of the ink trough should be moderate. 4. One of the keys to improving the printing speed of the drying oven is the quality of the drying oven. The ink is dried by hot air, not by heating. The higher the heat, the harder the ink on the printed matter is to dry. First of all, if the temperature is too high, the surface of the ink will become conjunctival. The false-drying phenomenon that causes the surface to dry and the inside is not dry. Secondly, the low-boiling point solvent in the ink volatilizes prematurely, the high-boiling point solvent remains, and the drying speed is slowed down. The drying oven is required, the temperature can be 40-50 degrees, the wind cannot blow directly on the film, and the heat cannot be directly baked on the film surface. It is better for the dry box to have a secondary air return function.
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