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Plastic bags are not food bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-31
Recently I saw a news report saying: 'In order to catch up with the morning shift, an employee who came to work did not rush to eat breakfast, so he bought a few warm buns from the breakfast vendor and asked to take them away. The stall owner used ultra-thin plastic. The bag was filled with steamed buns, and then handed to the customer to take away. The employees rushed to the company and ate early during the break, but the stomach hurts for a day. After inspection, it was a food poisoning, but the cause was that the plastic bag released poison from heat. The substance infects the steamed stuffed buns, so they are poisoned.” In fact, many similar situations happened earlier, but in daily life, people blindly sought convenience and ignored the key points. Plastic bags are not food bags, they cannot be used to pack food. We all know that food bags are made of new materials. The main raw materials are polyethylene and polypropylene. They are odorless, non-toxic, and relatively transparent. They are approved by the national health and safety inspection. They can hold food and have the words 'for food'. . The main raw materials of ultra-thin plastic bags are recycled materials and polyvinyl chloride (of course there are also qualified plastic bags). Recycled materials are garbage materials. Most of the plastic bags made from it are disposable garbage bags; In order to enhance the quality of plastic bags, a large number of additives such as plasticizers and stabilizers are added during the production process. These additives are toxic chemicals and release toxic substances at high temperatures. Moreover, plastic bags cannot be used to package food without the national sanitation and safety inspection permit. It is not that plastic bags cannot be used, but their main purpose is not to package food. Plastic bags are mostly used as supermarket shopping bags, clothing packaging bags, gift bags, etc. Therefore, plastic bags cannot be mixed with food bags. They each have their own advantages and their own unique uses. Only when we use them correctly can we make people's lives more convenient.
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