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Plastic packaging bag production management

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-01
In the past ten years, the printing industry has developed rapidly and the competition is fierce. The profit margins of colleagues’ companies are getting smaller and smaller, and the production quality management is difficult to keep up. In response to this situation, we provide a four-step plastic flexible packaging production quality management method. Improve efficiency, standardize management, effectively control quality, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. The four steps are: formulating key control points for production quality, first piece confirmation and sample signing system for each roll, material balance and traceability in the production process, and finally training based on the problem points. The first step: According to the key factors that affect the quality of the plastic flexible packaging production process, develop a production quality key control card. How to find key control points to ensure product quality, first of all, we need to understand the formation process of plastic flexible packaging quality problems, list the key factors affecting quality, and then control them. 1. Quality loss caused by the marketing process. We sometimes make plastic flexible packaging because we do not understand customer requirements during the production process, which results in quality loss. These problems can be listed for external source control. This requires marketing staff to fully understand the customer’s product characteristics and ingredients, packaging bag quality requirements, packaging process, etc. and make written records during the process of communicating with customers, and formulate customer requirements attachments when the production task is issued, so that the process technology department can The materials and structure can be audited, so that the personnel in the production department can truly understand the requirements of customers and carry out quality management. In order to focus on which quality to follow according to customer requirements. So as to effectively prevent quality problems from occurring. 2. Quality loss caused by the production process. The production process of most companies that do plastic flexible packaging is printing-compounding-slitting-bag making. In the previous production quality management, understand what causes the biggest quality loss in each process, find out the key control points according to the reasons, formulate the operation and inspection standards of the key control points, and target the standards during production; implement the captain’s self-control The three-tier quality control system composed of inspection, workshop director supervision and quality inspection can effectively control the occurrence of solvent residues and other quality problems. The second step: According to the production process, the first piece is confirmed according to the process, and the quality control of the semi-finished product or bag-making product is carried out each time. We formulate the first confirmation item form for printing, compounding, slitting, and bag making in the management and production process, which is carried out item by item. You need to take a sample to find the problem every time you roll down the paper, and make improvements to the problem. For example, printing, proofing with waste materials, first review the color, if the color is accurate, change the correct material to print 500m and then change the roll to sample for the first piece confirmation, and recheck the color, text, pattern, size, overall printing effect, solvent residue, etc. Quality issues. If there is a problem, improve it in time, and if there is no problem, then mass production. In this process, each roll of material needs to be sampled to review the quality when it is unrolled, and it is also necessary to implement a three-layer quality consisting of captain self-inspection, workshop director supervision and quality inspection The gatekeeping system can effectively control the occurrence of quality problems. Even if there is a quality problem, the amount of loss will not be large, and it will not be scrapped in half or the whole batch. The third step: Keep the physics of the production process under control, and the input physics is equal to the finished product or semi-finished product. When we make plastic flexible packaging, we must manage according to orders, pick materials according to orders, and arrange production according to orders to the machines and people. When each production link is in production, the roll number, weight and length, time, and operator need to be recorded every time the roll is unrolled, and then the materials used on duty, production output, and waste are filled into the material balance sheet to maintain the balance and balance of the materials in each link. The physical balance of the process, if there is an imbalance, the cause can be found and analyzed, and the traceability of the product is also achieved. Step 4: Train according to the problems in the above three steps. Improve the performance of production operators, thereby forming a stable and continuous production process.
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