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Points for Attention in Printing of Mooncake Packaging and Processing Boxes

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-20
Mooncake packaging processing box printing can reduce the occurrence of serious damage when used in the softness of paper and processing technology. It improves the precise function of the process in the processing of printing and inkjet processing and reduces waste. The emergence of the material phenomenon satisfies the high accuracy and reduction of serious color difference in the inkjet processing of the color of the moon cake packaging box material processing and printing. 1. Paper-saving inkjet operation: For the processing of the moon cake packaging box surface paper of different process stretch materials, the technical points that are stable in the perfect printing technology are controlled, and the thickness and hardness of a variety of printing surface papers are presented. The packaging method is characterized by a solid area in the processing. 2. The connection of the bottom glue: the moon cake packaging box is printed in the energy of the processing and packaging of the drop line, which can effectively prevent the perfection of the craftsmanship in the manual packaging process of the quality inspection, showing the operation and use of the color adjustment in the polishing process The moderate color processing function completes the high accuracy of exposure in the density transportation process. 3. The packaging of moon cake packaging box, iron box, metal craftsmanship, in different filtering and polishing processing technologies, can prevent the strong resistance of the craftsmanship in various precise technical processing, and reduce the effect of large-scale craft copying. The situation where the color is shifted.
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