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Powder-free garment bags you deserve

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-13
The clothing and apparel industry will use packaging bags in large quantities, including PE packaging bags, CPE packaging bags, PPE packaging bags, PO packaging bags, composite packaging bags and other types of bags. However, there is a common situation that often affects the production speed of clothing and apparel enterprises, that is, there is white powder in the packaging bag, especially when wearing dark clothing. These white powder will adhere to the product and affect the product. quality. When such a situation is presented on a large scale, it will often seriously affect the delivery time of the product, resulting in continuous customer complaints. Professional flexible packaging manufacturers packaging found that in the packaging market, many packaging bag manufacturers have tried various methods to reduce the powder in packaging bags, but the traditional methods are getting higher and higher with the requirements of customers, and the existing solutions are only It can make customers barely bear it, but while reducing the powder in the bag, it sacrifices the opening of the garment bag. 1. Where to order powder-free and easy-to-open garment bags? After adjusting the material formula and rationally optimizing the production process, the packaging has successfully made the garment bag with the advantages of no powder and easy opening. And the packaging bags look exquisite without any impurities, no wrinkles, no stains, and the surface feels smooth, delicate, and super resistant. In addition, the packaging bag technology is more advanced, the quality can be precisely controlled, it can meet the efficient production, and it can be quickly delivered from small batches to large batches. 2. What are the advantages of powder-free and easy-to-open garment bags 1. Improve production efficiency. Powder-free easy-to-open garment bags can greatly save packaging time, and there will be no rework and a series of abnormal situations, and workers have high work efficiency. 2. Improve product quality Many users are now more interested in product quality, and are willing to spend more money to obtain better product quality. Today, high-quality products with stable quality will have more market share than low-quality products with unstable quality. This truth is clear and clear, and the exquisite powder-free easy-to-open garment bags will also bring higher profits to enterprises. return. Abandon rough garment bags, embrace sophistication, and embrace more professional service!
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