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Practical creative gift packaging method

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-28
Gifts are not the same as general merchandise, and what they convey is an emotional bond; if the gifts you give to friends are beautifully packaged, it will show your sincerity and sincere friendship with each other. Let me introduce you to practical and creative gift packaging methods.  Gift packaging method one: stacking packaging method  If the purchased gifts are scattered, then you need to use the stacked packaging method when you need to pack them into a bundle. When using stacked packaging, you also need to be equipped with a carrying bag, so that it will be more formal when you give it to a friend. This kind of packaging method can also improve the taste of gifts if bamboo baskets or wooden boxes are used.   Creative gift packaging method two: unfolding packaging method    unfolding packaging method is the most common and practical gift packaging method, usually used to package clothes, food, etc. When the gift package is opened, the items can be taken directly. When using the unfolding method, if you can tie a beautiful ribbon on the outer packaging, it will add a lot of charm to the gift.  Gift packaging method three: simple packaging method  This kind of packaging structure is simple, and the cost is relatively low. It is suitable for presenting daily necessities, such as food, fruits and other gifts. It only uses plastic packaging bags, mainly to keep the gifts clean and easy to carry. This packaging method is more suitable for visiting patients as gifts. Practical gift packaging method 4: luxury packaging. This type of packaging is very sophisticated in material selection. High-grade wood materials such as nan, camphor, or cloth materials such as silk, satin, and woven cotton are used; sometimes painted or calligraphy is used on the outer packaging. , In order to enhance the grace and luxury of gifts. With this packaging method, most of them are gifts to company executives or more distinguished customers. ,    gift packaging method five: special packaging method    this kind of packaging is to set off gifts, but also a protective measure. Such as precious medicinal materials, works of art, jewelry, antiques, calligraphy and painting, etc. This type of packaging is often conceived with peculiar ideas and exquisitely crafted, and even the packaging itself has become a work of art. This kind of packaging gives people a noble and genuine feeling.   In addition to the above several packaging methods, discarded cartons and bottles can also be used to make a variety of creative packaging, which also adds a lot of charm and fun to the gifts.
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