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Precautions for gravure printing parameter setting

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-16
In addition to the strength of the company's equipment, the printing quality of a product is also an important factor. Printing companies often need years of production experience to grasp the core of these technologies. Today, plastic bags want to share with you some precautions when printing gravure. Before the gravure printing machine is officially started for printing, the gravure printing machine should be adjusted accordingly according to the printing process requirements of each product, and a series of printing parameters matching the printing process requirements of the product should be set on the printing machine. Mainly consider the following aspects. 1. Set the winding tension change curve. During the printing process, the winding tension decreases with the increase of the winding diameter. In order to obtain better winding quality, the current advanced roll gravure printing machine The change curve of winding tension can be set by the operator. Generally, several commonly used change curves can be stored in the host for easy selection during production. 2. Drying temperature setting Before starting printing, the drying temperature of each unit should be adjusted according to the type of printing material, printing speed, graphic area, ink layer thickness, etc. In the high-speed printing process, in order to make the solvent in the ink volatilize quickly after printing and achieve the purpose of drying the ink in time, the setting of the drying temperature is very important. The drying temperature has a great influence on the quality of the product. Too high temperature will cause the film to shrink and deform; if the temperature is too low, the ink will not dry completely, causing the ink to anti-stick. The heat resistance of various printing materials is very different, and the temperature setting depends on the material. In actual production, such as PVC film, the drying temperature is generally 40~55℃, while OPP film can be 60~75 Dry at ℃. 3. The position of the balance roller of each color group is reset to zero. The balance roller of each color group is set to adjust the pattern between the plates to be non-parallel. Generally, the balance roller should be kept parallel to each guide roller to prevent the non-parallelism from affecting the pattern registration. The pressure of the impression cylinder and the printing plate cylinder is set to a suitable pressure according to the thickness of the printing material. Generally, the greater the thickness, the greater the printing pressure is required. 5. The circumference of the printing plate cylinder and the diameter of the impression cylinder are set according to the printing process sheet, and the initial registration of the correction screw is carried out immediately. 6. Tension The general unit type gravure printing machine has four tension controls, namely: unwinding tension, feeding tension, traction tension, and rewinding tension. They control the printing material to run stably during the process of unwinding, printing, and winding. The more stable the tension, the more stable the printing material and the operation of the components, and the more guaranteed the accuracy of color registration. The tension control of film printing is more important than paper. The size of the tension adjustment is determined according to the type and tensile strength of the film. For example, the tensile strength of CPP and PE is weak, and the film is easy to stretch and deform, so the tension should be correspondingly smaller, while the tensile strength of PVC, BOPP, etc. The stronger the film, the greater the tension can be. In the case of a certain type of film, the width and thickness of the film are also important factors that determine the tension. A wide film should have a greater tension than a narrow film, and a thicker film should have a greater tension than a thin film. When intaglio printing, only pay attention to these small details in order to guarantee the printing quality. For more than ten years, we have been specializing in printing production technology, improving production technology, and innovating production equipment, striving to provide customers with the highest quality products. We sincerely welcome users and friends to visit our factory.
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