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Precautions for printing and coding of vacuum packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-08
The inkjet code on the vacuum packaging bag is generally sprayed by the inkjet printer. Generally, the vacuum packaging bag is printed with a two-dimensional code, production date, and information such as the manufacturer and logo. When selecting the material for the vacuum bag, it must be based on the requirements. When choosing a packaged product, you must choose a regular packaging material product that meets the national standard, otherwise it will cause serious consequences, leading to problems such as spoilage and deterioration of the packaged product. Foods packed in vacuum bags are sometimes added with some preservatives or other chemicals that change the taste of the food in order to prolong the shelf life, because when the vacuum is sealed, it needs to be heated, and the heat may cause these chemicals to react and cause damage to the package. Food spoilage. In order to reduce packaging costs, many unscrupulous merchants in the market will choose low-quality, relatively thin, soft and light vacuum bags, which are damaged due to too high strength during the vacuuming stage, or are squeezed during transportation. Cause damage and endanger the rights and interests of consumers. Here we also call on industry practitioners to strictly abide by my country's relevant production process standards for material selection and production.
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