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Premium-looking packaging that often has these things in common

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-16
“sense of luxury”This word is familiar to everyone. As a packaging bag manufacturer, I often hear customers customize packaging bags, saying“I want something that looks classy at first glance……”What kind of packaging bag is considered advanced? Everyone has different aesthetics, different corporate cultural values, and has its own definition of advanced. Packaging, as an old company that has been engaged in packaging bag design and production for decades, also has some opinions of its own. 1. Symmetrical things give an artificial and dignified feeling, so there are always people who say that the symmetrical design is too straight and not advanced enough. In fact, it is not that the symmetrical design is not advanced, but the designer's design is not advanced. Symmetry is a very classic pattern, suitable no matter where it is used, and it is classic and atmospheric. Symmetrical patterns are recommended in the design to create“Symmetrical but not completely symmetrical”That is, the two parts of the graphic that are symmetrical with each other must have parts that are integrated with each other, which can be color or small details in the shape. For example, in a Tai Chi figure, there is a white dot in the black part and a black dot in the white part. 2. Details and details determine the quality, and making the details to the extreme is advanced. Whether the packaging bag has burrs, whether there are wrinkles in the heat seal, whether the right angle is too sharp, and whether the hand feels soft, these subtleties can better reflect the quality. The packaging is careful and careful in every process of the packaging bag. The packaging bags produced under this craftsmanship spirit are like works of art, giving people a sense of luxury. 3. Introverted in the Tao Te Ching“The beginning of all things, the avenue to simplicity, the evolution to complexity”, the famous German designer also mentioned in the 'Ten Commandments of Design'“Good design is as design-free as possible”. Therefore, simplifying the complex and returning to the basics has always been the pursuit of the design industry, and it is also the point that best reflects the sense of luxury. Every design of packaging has the thinking of balance, future and market, using the form and trend of appearance to return to the origin, and at the same time convey infinite imagination to people. 4. Solid color background Although gradient colors have gradually entered people's field of vision in recent years, solid color backgrounds are still the favorite of big brands and design masters. Solid colors feel more stable and peaceful, and it’s easier to focus people’s attention on the design itself. A simple solid-color background can often bring us a more comfortable visual perception, and different solid-color backgrounds will also give us unique emotional feelings. Applying the relationship between colors and emotions to design works is conducive to creating an atmosphere that is more in line with user preferences.
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