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Quality management in a packaging factory, see how this company does it

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-12
Packaging is the face of a product and one of the basis for consumers to judge a product. In recent years, my country's packaging industry has grown rapidly, which also indicates the broad prospects of the packaging industry. The product quality is the market access standard, and the pursuit of excellent quality is the constant theme of the enterprise. However, the production of packaging bags goes through a series of processes, and there are many influencing factors. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality, various manufacturers have carried out a series of measures. Let's see how this factory does it. Paper Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Kazuo, Liaoning Province. The new plant covers an area of ​​36,000 square meters, with 7 standardized production workshops and a modern office building. Packaging is an enterprise specializing in the production of food packaging bags. It has various advanced production equipment such as high-speed printing machines, solvent-free laminating machines, laser marking machines, special-shaped die-cutting machines, etc., and has built 135 supporting equipment and more than 20 production lines. The modern production pattern guaranteed by the high-standard dust-free purification printing compound workshop. In the production process, there are often some product quality problems. As far as printed products are concerned, missing characters, multiple characters, typos, smudges, blurred characters, incorrect colors, and non-standard sizes are all possible phenomena. The reasons reflected in these phenomena are nothing more than technical level issues, equipment hardware issues, environmental conditions issues and the operator's sense of responsibility. Packaging believes that details determine success or failure, and small quality problems can cause big problems for consumers. Therefore, in the production factory, packaging requires each position and staff to clarify specific tasks and responsibilities, to subdivide the work tasks, to clarify the division of labor, to assign responsibilities to people, to achieve clear responsibilities, to distinguish between merits and demerits, and to realize that everyone has a dedicated responsibility. Everything is in charge. Strictly require process discipline. New employees must undergo professional training when they enter the factory, and old employees will lead the practice. After passing the assessment, they can operate independently. And regularly organize employees to learn some new technologies to ensure that employees do not fall behind. Product rework is a headache for many small businesses. In order to avoid this problem and make products refined and thorough, the company not only strictly controls the production process, but also strengthens quality inspection. Quality inspection should be a process, not a test after production is completed, which may not achieve the purpose of control. Therefore, the company integrates quality inspection into every link of production, standardizes and digitizes the production process, and tests every process, including plate-making process, ink parameters, etc.“quality gate”. Packaging strictly follows the quality awareness of excellence, substandard products are not allowed to enter the market, and when necessary, the punishment should not be lenient. In order to ensure that the quality control measures can be implemented, and the packaging is equal to everyone, no matter who makes a mistake, they must bear the corresponding responsibility, and the order must be followed, and the prohibition must be prohibited. In addition, various restraint mechanisms and reward mechanisms have been established to give employees a sense of urgency and crisis, so that they are always aware of the consequences of their actions. Therefore, a positive atmosphere is gradually formed inside the packaging, which is internalized into the corporate culture. The development strategy of the company is to thoroughly understand and refine food packaging, and then consider diversified development. Paper-plastic packaging has more than 20 years of production experience and is currently the largest plastic packaging manufacturer in the north. We always uphold the heart of awe, carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, write a chapter of development, and devote ourselves to building a century-old enterprise with quality. Looking forward to working with you hand in hand.
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