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Reasons and control methods for easy-to-break bags of organ packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-19
Now, many customers are continuously improving the automation process of production, and the requirements for packaging bag manufacturers will become more and more strict. There are two common production processes for organ bags, one is the middle sealing organ bag, and the other is the four-side sealing organ bag. These two processes have a common process control point that needs to be paid attention to: the organ bit, and at the same time there are many other types of organ bags, bottom organ bags and eight-side sealing organ bags. Among the many types of packaging bags, the inner space of the middle-sealed organ bag is larger than that of the other three-side sealing bag types, and it can save costs, so it is very popular among customers. ​Organ bags are generally used in the fields of clothing, hardware, electronics, food, and daily necessities packaging, and the application can be said to be very extensive. For packaging with a content of less than 300g, there is basically no major problem in the production of organ bags. Whether it is the material used or the production process, the enterprise application is very mature. However, for the package of more than 300g, especially the powdery and small granular content, it is more difficult to test the flexible packaging manufacturer. This kind of content is also a big test for the customer's automatic packaging equipment. 1. Common Problems of Organ Position There is a stepped position at the intersection of the organ position and the horizontal sealing position, that is, there are only two layers of material heat sealing on both sides of the organ at the horizontal sealing position, while the horizontal sealing edge of the organ position will have four layers of film that need to be heated. seal, so there will be a stepped transfer edge at this location. The heat-sealed mold is basically on a horizontal plane, and many times the bag is broken from here. Professional flexible packaging manufacturers have thought of many ways to solve the problem of the easily broken bag at the handover position between the horizontal seal and the organ, which can effectively reduce the broken bag rate of the organ bag. 2. Common solutions 1. Improvement of raw and auxiliary materials The improvement in this aspect is mainly to improve its physical properties from raw materials, such as choosing anti-brittle cracking, stretching resistance, wrinkling resistance, increasing flexibility, increasing toughness, The material that improves the physical and mechanical properties reduces the chance of the organ wire being broken during the production process. Or improve it by increasing the material thickness. At the same time, glue with better toughness can also be used to enhance the wrinkle resistance function and improve the breaking resistance and kneading resistance of the packaging. 2. To improve the material structure, organ bags generally choose BOPP/CPP, PET/PE, BOPP/PE, PA/PE, PET/AL/PE, PA/AL/PE, PET/PA/PE and other structures. When a certain structure is relatively When it is relatively weak, you can replace it with a material with better physical properties, or increase the number of structural layers to improve the strength of the entire bag. In terms of mechanical properties such as fabric folding resistance and mechanical stretchability, NY is better than PET, and PET is better than BOPP. Of course, if NY is used instead of PET, it will definitely increase the cost. We were also able to improve the materiality of the organ bag by increasing the number of structural layers. This is also a better method, but the cost will increase a lot. When adding layers of textures, be very careful and carefully evaluate the performance changes brought about by adding textures.
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