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Reasons for expansion of vacuum packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-05
What is the reason for the expansion of the vacuum packaging bag? Let's briefly explain the reasons for the expansion of the vacuum packaging bag. The main reason for the expansion of vacuum packaging bags is that there are certain microbial gases in the packaging bags. Extending from the above conditions, it can be traced back to the vacuum packaging bag, if the sterilization is not complete after vacuum sealing, it will cause some microorganisms to multiply and grow, because the gas is generated to cause the bag to expand. Remember here: The vacuum packaging bag must not be eaten after the bag has been expanded. The second reason may be that after the food is bagged, the last process needs to be hot-pressed and sealed. If the hot-pressed sealing is not ideal, it may lead to lax sealing, resulting in air leakage of the packaging bag. Air will enter the vacuum bag from the outside. The above bag expansion is the reason for the vacuum bag. So how should we avoid the phenomenon of bulging bags? Let's talk about the four major protection methods of vacuum packaging bags. Four protection methods of vacuum packaging bags: 1. Vacuum packaging bags should not be stored under the conditions of extreme heat and cold, because the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction of vacuum packaging bags may occur due to sudden cold or extreme heat, resulting in packaging bags. Shorten lifespan. 2. Because vacuum packaging bags are greatly affected by temperature, do not let the sun shine directly on the packaging bags, because direct sunlight will drive ultraviolet rays to accelerate the aging of packaging bags. 3. Remember not to put the vacuum packaging bag in a humid and airless place, because under this condition, the vacuum packaging bag will rot and affect the normal use of the packaging bag. 4. For vacuum packaging bags that have been stored for a long time, be sure to check them carefully for damage. If they are damaged, please stop using them immediately. The above are the four protection methods of vacuum packaging bags. For more information, please pay attention to our packaging.
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