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Reasons for inaccurate color registration and poor heat sealing strength of aluminum foil bag printing

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-23
1. Reasons for inaccurate color registration of aluminum foil vacuum bags: mainly due to the deviation of the diameter of the gravure cylinder; the deformation of the graphics and text due to the incorrect installation; uneven spacing between the shaft teeth, large or small gaps, or overprinting caused by the phenomenon of top teeth Inaccurate; unbalanced tension control of film unwinding reel or uneven thickness of gravure film, ruffles; uneven pressure at both ends of the printing plate cylinder and the printing plate cylinder or inconsistent pressure between the printing plates during multi-color overprinting. Gravure overprint inaccuracy is a major quality problem and can be caused by many reasons. Practical experience shows that the main reason is the mechanical equipment, because the mechanical equipment does not pay attention to the maintenance during the long-term survival and operation, resulting in the wear or obstacle of the mechanical structure parts, which will cause the overprinting to be inaccurate. This requires regular inspection and adjustment of various equipment; control of the plate making process to minimize plate errors; selection of qualified film raw materials; timely elimination of inaccurate overprinting caused by other printing accidents. 2. Poor heat-sealing strength of aluminum foil bags 1) Influence of heat-sealing materials of aluminum foil bags Different types of heat-sealing materials have different heat-sealing strengths, such as PP, PE/EVA heat-sealing strengths are inconsistent; products of the same film with different polymerization methods, heat The sealing strength is different; the thickness and uniformity of the material will also affect the heat sealing strength; the different processing methods of the heat sealing layer, such as blow molding, cast film, etc., all affect the heat sealing strength. The preservation time of the film is too long, the precipitates increase, and the heat sealing strength is poor after corona treatment; the hygroscopic material absorbs moisture, the hot cover is delaminated, and the peel strength decreases. 2) Influence of aluminum foil vacuum bag composite film processing technology The printing ink has poor temperature resistance or inappropriate additives in the ink. Under the high temperature of bag making, the printing layer will be delaminated, and the heat sealing strength will decrease. The heat-sealed edge should be designed to be as patternless as possible. The selection of adhesives in the compounding process is also very important. The ratio of adhesives and the reasonableness of parameters such as viscosity will affect the sealing strength. In the extrusion lamination or coating process, the processing temperature is high, and the surface oxidation degree of the material is large, which is not conducive to heat sealing. 3) Influence of the bag making process The sealing edge cooling after heat sealing is insufficient, the shape is insufficient, the internal stress cannot be eliminated, and the strength and appearance are affected. It should be checked in time and the cooling water circulation system should be strengthened. The more heat sealing times, the higher the heat sealing strength. The number of longitudinal heat sealing depends on the ratio of the effective length of the longitudinal welding knife to the length of the bag; the number of transverse heat sealing is determined by the number of combinations of transverse heat sealing devices on the machine. Good heat sealing requires at least two times of heat sealing.
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