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Requirements for each layer of composite packaging bag materials, outer layer, middle layer, inner layer, adhesive layer, etc.

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-25
The lamination of composite packaging bags actually means lamination, which is to bond films or other flexible materials of different properties together, and then seal them for the purpose of carrying, protecting and decorating the contents. The laminated structure of the packaging bag can be classified in many ways according to different combination methods. However, the conventional structure is generally differentiated by the outer layer, the middle layer, the inner layer, the adhesive layer, and the like. 1. Outer layer material The outer layer material is generally made of materials with good mechanical strength, heat resistance, good printing performance and good optical performance. Now the most commonly used materials are polyester (PET), nylon (NY), stretched polypropylene (BOPP), paper and other materials. Second, the intermediate layer material The intermediate layer material is generally used to strengthen a certain characteristic of the composite structure, such as barrier properties, Shading, fragrance retention, strength, etc. The most commonly used materials are aluminum foil (AL), aluminized film (VMCPP, VMPET), polyester (PET), nylon (NY), polyvinylidene chloride coated film (KBOPP, KPET, KONY), EVOH and other materials. ​3. Inner layer material The most critical effect of the inner layer material is sealing. The inner layer structure is in direct contact with the contents, so it is required to be non-toxic, odorless, water-resistant and oil-resistant. Commonly used materials are cast polypropylene (CPP), ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), polyethylene (PE) and its modified materials. 4. Adhesive layer The effect of the adhesive layer is a composite structure formed by bonding two adjacent layers of materials together. According to the characteristics of the adjacent materials and the composite process, an adhesive or an adhesive resin can be selected as the adhesive layer material. The bonding strength between the bonded materials is an important target for evaluating the intrinsic function of composite packaging materials, and different packaging requirements have different requirements for this target.
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