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Rounded corner packaging: why is it exclusive to food packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-08
I don’t know when it started, the packaging bags on the market are no longer the same right angle, and the packaging of many snacks and toys gradually become rounded. Why is the rounded corner packaging more and more popular, and why is the rounded corner packaging still not widely popularized? Today, paper-plastic packaging will solve your doubts. The most common product in round cut corner bags today is snacks. Most of the snack packaging is made of composite plastic film, the weight of the food is small, the bag is small in size, and the thickness is relatively thinner, so it may scratch your hand if you are not careful. Although other right-angle packaging products also have this problem, but consumers are used to eating snacks in their hands, so this problem is more prominent. In order to avoid this problem, snack manufacturers and packaging bag manufacturers propose to use rounded corners for packaging bags under the concept of people-oriented consumption. At the same time, from an artistic point of view, the arc is the most friendly shape, which can reduce the aggression of the product and make the product more visually accessible. Therefore, at this stage, many packaging bags of snacks, toys, cosmetics and other items have begun to use rounded corners, and consumers have higher acceptance of products with rounded corners. So why hasn't rounded corner packaging been widely promoted in my country? Paper-plastic packaging believes that it is mainly limited by the convenience of processing. Right-angle packaging only needs to cut film and make bags. Round-corner packaging needs to add a step of cutting rounded corners, which will increase the cost and prolong the production time. In addition, packaging equipment, etc. will also limit the molding of its packaging, such as the aluminum foil bag packaging we often say, the bag itself can only be designed into a large roll, and then the machine can only be closed by scissors for hot air, etc., so that the fastest The method is to cut with a straight knife. If the mouth is curved, there will be accidents such as hooking during transportation and transmission. But for the food industry, the cost of designing a bag with rounded corners is much lower than the return it brings, and rounded corners are mostly used in the food industry. In fact, many countries in the world have rounded the packaging, and the process is relatively mature. Therefore, it is unknown whether rounded packaging will become the future development trend.
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is something that has been around for a few decades now, enjoying it's heyday back in the flexible packaging solutions.
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