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Safety - is the bottom line of food companies

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-25
As a business, the bottom line is a hot topic and one with no standard answer. Some people say that the bottom line is to obey the law, but we have to admit that even with the continuous improvement of the law, there are still things that cannot be covered by the law.“dead end”. The bottom line that Packaging Co., Ltd. wants to say today is beyond the legal provisions. Regulations are the foundation, and in addition to regulations, there is conscience. reject cottage“white rabbit”Change“White Rabbit”,“Master Kong”Change“Kang Shuaifu”I believe many people have seen the copycat food, especially the rural market during the festivals. These foods carry names and packaging similar to those of big brands, which are extremely confusing. Shanzhai food is no longer a new word in the current market. Some people hate it, and some people regard it as a cash cow. Different values ​​and different moral concepts have created different ways of making money. Packaging Co., Ltd., as a factory producing packaging bags, has been insisting on making genuine products since its establishment 10 years ago, and insisting on cooperating with enterprises that make their own brands. We believe that copycat food packaging bags are a model of mutual harm, and if the food accident caused by the copycat goods, we are not to blame. In the process of packaging bag production cooperation, as Party B, we are often the selected party. But it is the conscience of the company not to add fuel to the flames. Refuse piracy The difference between piracy and shanzhai is that shanzhai is plagiarism, and piracy is private copying. This method of piracy is very attractive to smaller factories, but it harms the interests of brands who pay a lot of research and development costs. Packaging Co., Ltd. believes that on the basis of establishing its own brand, it can appropriately learn from the experience of good brands, but it is impossible to copy it completely. In recent years, the copyright awareness of the Chinese people has been continuously enhanced, and more and more people have voluntarily invested in the army of copyright protection. As a production enterprise, Packaging Co., Ltd. promises to insist on being an original brand, give original brand help to a certain extent, and refuse piracy, starting from me. Pay attention to food safety From a small level, food safety is related to the health of each of us, and the food we import can be classified into the category of food safety. From a broad perspective, food safety is a matter of international livelihood.“People's Heart Project”, directly related to economic development and social stability. So food safety is very important for everyone. As an enterprise that makes food packaging bags, Packaging Co., Ltd. is mainly connected with factories that make food. As far as we are concerned, our company canteen selects high-quality ingredients, eliminates waste oil, and makes the kitchen and bathroom clear, so that every employee can intuitively see the kitchen environment. We also call on every food factory to strengthen the hygiene awareness of the food industry, so that substandard products are not purchased, substandard products are not packaged, and substandard products are not sold. We hope that the packaging bags we produce will be the icing on the cake for food, not adding fuel to the fire. We also call on more colleagues in the same industry to unite to resist copycat and pirated food, never provide him with a breeding ground, and make contributions to the development and progress of the industry!
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