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Selection and precautions of vacuum packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-06
When it comes to vacuum packaging bags, the first thing we need to talk about is the material of vacuum packaging bags. The following are the characteristics of materials suitable for vacuum packaging: PE is suitable for low temperature applications, RCPP is suitable for high temperature cooking applications, and PA is to increase physical strength and puncture resistance. Function, AL aluminum foil is to add insulation function, shading, PET adds mechanical strength, shape is crisp, EVOH has high insulation. Then according to the needs, various functions are combined, and there are also transparent ones. In order to increase the insulation function, a water-resistant PVA high insulation coating is used. Different vacuum packaging bags are suitable for different products, and the packaging of professional flexible packaging manufacturers will clarify them in detail. 1. Food vacuum packaging bag 1. High temperature cooking bag material: NY / PE, NY / AL / RCPP, KNY / PE Applicable: various meat cooked food, high temperature sterilized food, curry, etc. Product Features Moisture-proof, temperature-resistant, light-shielding, fragrance-preserving, and strong high-temperature cooking bag (English name RetortPouch, referred to as RP), is a composite plastic film bag that can be heat-treated. It has both canned containers and boiling water-resistant plastic bags. Interest, after more than ten years of use, it has been proved that it is a kind of interested packaging container. The retort bags sold by Toyo Can Company in Japan contain aluminum foil called RP-F (resistant to 135 °C), and transparent multi-layer composite bags without aluminum foil are called RP-T and RR-N (resistant to 120 °C). European and American countries call this kind of bag“soft can”(FlexibleCan or SoftCan). The retort bag is mostly made of three layers of heat-resistant materials. The typical structure of the retort bag is: the outer layer is polyester film for reinforcement; the middle layer is aluminum foil, which is used to prevent light, moisture and air leakage; the inner layer is Polyolefin material (such as polypropylene film) for heat sealing and food contact. 2. Boiled bag material: PET / PE BOPA / PE PET / AL / PE The product features can be sterilized at a temperature not higher than 106 ℃, without delamination and leakage. High heat sealing strength, good puncture resistance and high impact resistance. It has excellent printability and beautiful printing. Excellent oil resistance. 3. Transparent vacuum bags The most widely used transparent vacuum bags are mainly divided into the following categories: 1. Nylon co-extrusion vacuum bags PA/PA/EVOH/PA/PE; PP/PA/EVOH/PA/PE; PE/PA/PE Product Features A. Excellent puncture resistance, interesting vacuuming effect, high cost performance; B. Tolerable Freezing at -20°C, it has high oxygen barrier and moisture barrier function. C. Clean, harmless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe. D. Transparent and beautiful E. Wide applicability. As small as a single part, as large as the entire equipment can be used. F. Good printability, which helps to traverse the image and level of vacuum-packed items. Precautions A. Avoid direct sunlight, avoid contact with fire sources and corrosive substances. B. The sealing temperature is adjusted between 180 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius on the vacuum packaging machine. During the vacuuming process, attention should be paid to proper temperature adjustment and low pressure to avoid air leakage caused by over-drying. 2. Nylon composite vacuum bag PA/PE; PA/RCPP; PET/PE; PET/RCPP Nylon composite vacuum bags are the most widely used vacuum bags in the market. Since nylon composite vacuum bags first entered the market, those who began to use vacuum bags all used nylon composite vacuum bags. The nylon compound is compounded layer by layer through a laminating machine, and the center needs to add glue. But because of this, one of the biggest disadvantages of nylon composite bags is that the climate is monotonous, especially in winter, the vacuum breaking rate will be much higher. 3.PE vacuum bag PE bag is the most widely used plastic film bag. Its ductility and durability are not as good as that of nylon. It is not suitable for vacuuming. However, compared with other materials, the price of PE bag is cheaper. For those customers who are not very demanding on vacuum The PE bag can be used for vacuuming, but the breakage rate and air leakage rate are also relatively high. 2. Electronic product vacuum packaging bag Anti-static vacuum composite bag Material: NY/CPE, PET/NY/CPE, PET/CPP, PET/AL/NY/PE Applicable: semi-finished products of precision electronic parts, flammable chemicals, gunpowder, inspection Characteristics of samples, instruments, and inspection induction products Low gas permeability (oxygen), good moisture-proof performance, loss of static electricity, high tensile strength and puncture resistance, good vacuum effect, high transparency, easy heat sealing, good sealing, not easy to age Some electronic products (such as FPGA chips) are very sensitive to static electricity. Anti-static vacuum bag is a composite flexible packaging, which can protect static sensitive components from potential static damage to the greatest extent. Together they can form"Induction hood"The effect is to protect the contents of the bag from the electrostatic field. Assuming that the electronic components are directly placed on the wooden table, if there is static electricity on the wooden table, the instantaneous discharge will damage the electronic components, and anti-static packaging is necessary. The other innermost layer is composed of vinyl that can eliminate static electricity, with excellent anti-static function, slow and safe discharge of static field, this heat-sealable bag is translucent, easy to query, and does not affect the reading of product barcodes. Surface resistance value: 10 to the power of 8 to 11Ω. The anti-static vacuum bag is made of static dissipative materials, with a resistance of about 10^6~10^10, which can effectively slow down the intensity of electrostatic discharge and avoid electrostatic breakdown of electronic components.
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