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Several issues that must be paid attention to when custom packaging bags!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-24
Several issues that must be paid attention to when custom packaging bags! What problems should we pay attention to when custom packaging bags? Since the implementation of the plastic restriction order, there have been stricter requirements on the quality of plastic packaging bags, so when customizing packaging bags, it is best to choose a reliable professional packaging manufacturer, whose products are guaranteed to be safe. Plastic packaging bags not only meet the characteristics of convenience and durability, but also meet the requirements of environmental protection, so we can choose the style or quality of plastic packaging bags to put forward clear requirements, use new PE raw materials, and the thickness must meet the standard, such products can be used by consumers. ,deepen impression. The following issues are particularly important: 1. Selection of raw materials 2. Selection of specifications 3. Key issues in the design of plastic packaging bags 1. Selection of raw materials When customizing packaging bags, you must choose what raw materials to use. At this stage, the main production raw materials of plastic packaging bags are polyethylene and polypropylene. The former is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and the latter is toxic and non-environmental, so the scope of use and use are very different. During production, raw materials need to be selected according to the purpose of the bag. For details about the materials of plastic packaging bags, you can read 'What are the materials of plastic bags? 》Material of the packaging bag: 2 selection of specifications If the packaging is formed, the size of the model can be determined by itself. Taking convenience bags in supermarkets as an example, there are generally three types of large, medium and small. These models are not completely uniform among manufacturers, and can sometimes be adjusted according to the specific needs of supermarket models. In addition, supermarket convenience bags must be printed with the national unified chain logo, food safety and other bags, as well as food safety related signs, which can be used. For the measurement and design of the size of plastic bags, you can read 'How to measure the size of objects in bags? 》Selection of plastic bag size: 3 The design of the packaging bag Second, since the selection of customized plastic packaging bags, I hope that brand promotion and plastic packaging bags can be combined. At this time, the printed content must be carefully designed by the manufacturer to highlight the enterprise. , brand, store, product characteristics, can attract consumers' attention and promote the next shopping. Some customers do not pay much attention to the layout of plastic packaging bags, and even find an advertising company to design lawns and print simple information to plastic packaging bags, which can promote the publicity effect to a certain extent, but since many consumers just use plastic packaging bags as items , basically put aside and pay little attention to the information on the plastic packaging bag. So, in order to make your product advertisements etc. effective, so much attention is paid to design and production, make the printed content more attractive to achieve the desired effect. Regarding the design of plastic packaging bags, you can read and refer to 'The Importance of Color in the Design of Plastic Packaging Bags'. Finally, the production of plastic packaging bags should be planned according to the needs of the enterprise. The size of plastic bags should be set in several different types, which can meet the needs of different This is also a method worthy of promotion. Design of plastic packaging bags: END professional custom packaging bags plastic bags/non-woven bags PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan QR code for consultation
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