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Several key knowledge to pay attention to in the design of food packaging bags!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-09
Food packaging bags are becoming more and more important in today's life. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for food are getting higher and higher, so the requirements for food packaging are also getting higher and higher, so as a food company, If you want to increase your sales, it is necessary to make some efforts in food packaging. The quality of food packaging is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the quality of the bag, and the other is the design of the bag. In terms of the quality of the bag, the quality inspection personnel must strictly check the products provided by the product supplier, and in terms of the bag design , you can play a certain advantage, the following is a small editor who has worked in the packaging industry for 10 years to explain the key points that need to be paid attention to in packaging design. 1. Aesthetic characteristics Food packaging bags have their own unique characteristics. For example, the color of the food will be considered according to the characteristics of the food. For example, strawberry-flavored biscuits will consider the use of red, fresh orange-flavored yogurt packaging will consider orange, etc. Now people With the continuous improvement of aesthetics, meeting people's aesthetic needs has become the primary task of packaging bag planning. In the early years, the packaging that simply put a product photo could not satisfy people's aesthetics, and they demanded a more artistic expression method. And planners also Through the abstract method, the product packaging is made more artistic, leaving room for people to imagine. When Hexiao planned the product planning for a meat company, the cartoon image was selected, which has a very obvious effect. 2. The rational packaging picture can be appropriately exaggerated, However, it should not be exaggerated at will. Modern food packaging bag planning uses more and more artistic functions to express product characteristics, such as computer painting of products. This method can compensate for the lack of photos, and can be combined with ingredients and materials at will, making people more Intuitively know the product, trust the product. 3. Targeted Because some foods are specifically aimed at a certain range of consumer groups, the performance of the packaging bag is outstanding. For example, for middle-aged and elderly food, the packaging method is more traditional, and the color will also change. Use deep and discreet colors; children's food requires lively and lovely packaging, bright colors and often some added value (such as being able to serve as toys or collection); products for a certain area can show local characteristics on the packaging, such as using Dialects, cultural traditions, etc. Through the above explanations, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of food packaging design, and friends who want to improve the competitiveness of their products can act quickly.
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