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Several misunderstandings of plastic packaging bags, you need to understand

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-03
At present, there are many misunderstandings about the safety and hygiene of plastic packaging bags in society and on the Internet. Today, the professional flexible packaging manufacturer has selected some representative statements to explain one by one, hoping to address our concerns. one,“Plastic limit”,“Plastic ban”So, why use plastic packaging so much?“Plastic limit”Refers to the national restrictions on the production and use of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm. Plastic shopping bags refer to the kind of plastic bags with two handles, plastic bags without handles, such as sticker bags, hook bags, flat pockets, even roll bags, etc. There are no restrictions.“Plastic ban”It is an administrative rule that bans plastic bags in some provinces.“Plastic limit”,“Plastic ban”Not for all plastic bags. Up to now, plastic is still the most widely used design, the best function, the most convenient, the cheapest, the most energy-saving and the most environmentally friendly material in daily life. As for“Plastic limit”,“Plastic ban”The reasons for this, the State Council General Office (2007) No. 72 document stated clearly and objectively:“While plastic shopping bags provide convenience for customers, they also cause serious energy waste and environmental pollution due to excessive use and inadequate recycling. In particular, the ultra-thin plastic shopping bags are easily damaged, and most of them are thrown away at will.‘White pollution’primary source.”In fact, people are the primary cause of white pollution. 2. Many plasticizers have been added to plastic packaging. It is better to use less plastic? This is a serious misunderstanding. In the commonly used plastic packaging, only soft products of PVC need to be added with plasticizers (plasticizers), and most plastic packaging does not contain plasticizers. 3. Are plasticizers toxic? Do plasticizers cause cancer? These questions can be answered together: there are many types of plasticizers, which cannot be compared, some are toxic, some are non-toxic, some are carcinogenic, and some are not. Toxic and carcinogenic, the degree of harm to humans is also very different. From the perspective of toxicology, whether a foreign compound can be toxic or carcinogenic to humans generally must meet at least three conditions, and all of them are indispensable. First, there must be a satisfactory dose. What shape is the foreign compound in and its physicochemical properties under this shape, many substances are harmful in one shape and harmless in another; the third is the contact method between foreign compounds and people, whether it is seen, or skin touch, inhalation, Or into the stomach, as well as absorption and so on. Therefore, if someone says that a foreign compound is toxic or carcinogenic on a certain occasion, and he can also tell the relevant situation of the above three conditions, then maybe what he said is related, maybe, we can go a little deeper and ask for advice until approved. Assuming that the three conditions are unclear, do not believe or publicize for the time being, and wait until it is clarified. Because scientific toxicology is supported by toxicological tests, not estimates. As far as carcinogenicity is more complicated than toxicity determination, it requires careful planning of population epidemiological investigations to determine, and animal testing only requires long-term lifelong testing to be recognized as a safe basis. These investigations and tests are not simple, so the mutation test can be carried out first to make a preliminary estimate of its carcinogenicity. Assuming that the catastrophe test has not been done, how can it be said that a certain plastic is carcinogenic under certain conditions? All plastic products used as food packaging, containers, and tools must be tested for the materials and additives used in them. The safety and health indicators of the relevant national standards, and the plastic products that are in contact with food should be tested after the factory is produced to meet the safety and health indicators of the national or operating standards, such as mineral water buckets; the factories that produce them must be produced according to the operation The detailed rules allow rectification of the factory's hardware equipment and software conditions, and product sampling inspections. After passing the quality inspection department and obtaining a food production permit, it is enough to put the QS mark on plastic food products; in the future, these enterprises and products It is also often subject to the supervision and inspection of the quality inspection department. Plastic products with the QS mark by regular manufacturers can be used with confidence. 4. How to adjust the harm of plasticizer to people and then decrease? 1. Strengthen the research and development, promotion and application of low-toxic and non-toxic new plasticizers, and speed up the process of replacing or selecting toxic plasticizers. 2. For food plastic products that require the use of plasticizers, manufacturers must strictly control the quality of the entire production process and product quality. Unqualified products and products with potential safety hazards shall not leave the factory. To this end, it is necessary to strengthen work self-discipline, strengthen supervision of rules and regulations, and strengthen social and media supervision. 3. As a customer, we must recognize the products with the QS logo by regular manufacturers, and do not try to be cheap. 4. Recognize the correct use of the signs of plastic products for food. Different plastic products have different application requirements. There are signs on the bottom of mineral water buckets, mineral water bottles and other products. There are often paper product instructions in the plastic wrap. Use according to the material requirements of this plastic product. It is safe to use indiscriminately.
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