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Shenyi cooperates with spoon packaging processing

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-12
Abstract: Shenzhen Shenyi Toys Co., Ltd. cooperated with Uxin Packaging to package and process 650,000 packs of Nestle plastic spoons. Uxin Packaging has more than 30 automatic packaging machines, which can process and package various solid, powder, granule and other products. Such as promotional cards in all kinds of snack foods, refrigerator magnets, small plastic toys, plastic spoons, hardware accessories, hotel toiletries, veterinary drugs, desiccants, screws, key rings, etc. Processing form: processing with supplied materials, the customer provides the packaging contents and outer packaging (carton), the packaging film can be entrusted to our company for printing or brought by itself. Packing style: 1. The bag is sealed with three sides and four sides. Single package slitting, or customized package slitting (10 packs or 12 packs as one piece) MOQ: Bring your own packaging material, 100,000 packs minimum order price: According to the customer's material characteristics, packaging requirements and processing volume, the price of each package Between 0.02-0.1 yuan. Toy packaging processing, card packaging processing, hotel supplies packaging processing, hardware accessories packaging processing, food packaging processing, powder packaging processing, jujube packaging processing, etc. Uxin Packaging can provide you with packaging processing services. Welcome to call or write to us at 0769-89875932, website:
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