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Small details of coil production

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-14
As a commonly used form of packaging in various packaging, coils are widely used in the industry. Today, plastic bags will share with you some knowledge points that should be paid attention to during the processing and production of coils. 1. Volume up: 1. Before starting the machine, confirm that the raw materials, including the name, specification, weight, quantity, and process sheet, and production schedule are accurate. 2. At the beginning of overprinting, the overprinting material should be within the range of the register cursor on the plate roller (adjustable according to the situation during the overprinting process). 3. Move the raw material up to the center position of the material shaft (measured with a ruler, measuring 1#450mm, 2#500mm, 3#550mm from the left). What needs to be pointed out here is: 3# machine unwinding shaft can rotate the hand wheel to adjust the shaft to the center, 1# machine has no bracket support on one side, the unwinding shaft and the rewinding shaft are slightly inclined due to the pressure of gravity. 1# machine needs to be slightly inward 1mm-2mm when unwinding and rewinding. 4. Set the tracking adjustment guide roller to zero (at the level), adjust the tracker to automatically track the material edge after normal feeding, and then make fine adjustments according to the actual situation. 5. The tape at the joint of the material to be changed should be used to completely adhere to the surface of the material without cracking, so as to ensure that it will not be blown over by the wind when changing the roll. The bonding place between the material and the tape should be 1/3 of the tape width Between -1/4, when sticking tape, the less water the better (too much water will be brought into the ink by the material and affect the printing quality). PE material must be glued with double-sided tape. 6. Remember to check if the material shaft is inflated, try to push the paper tube to see if it is fixed and set a circle that matches the size of the material, and test whether the corona treatment value of the material is normal according to the process requirements (RBPE38, PE38-39, CPP36-38), and the width of the material (Using a tape measure) and thickness (thickness gauge) are measured whether they are qualified, and then visually inspect the material for defects, mosquitoes and bubbles. 7. When changing rolls and cutting materials, you should accurately judge according to the thickness of the material to avoid the phenomenon of 'running pointed ends'. Transparent materials can also be judged according to the color of the paper tube (the closer the color of the material is to the color of the paper tube, the less the material will be). 2. Rewinding: 1. Due to the reason that the plate roller is sometimes not completely centered, the position of the receiving and unwinding may be inconsistent at the beginning and the end (other reasons may also be caused). At this time, you can mark on the receiving shaft according to the actual situation. 2. When unloading the coil, use a cutter or auxiliary tool to deflate the air valve on the material axis, or hold the coil with one hand and deflate with the other hand (1# and 2#). Pay attention to the clear division of labor when the two are uncoiling, in case any colleagues are unclear. Under the circumstances, the roll was pushed to cause work-related accidents (the company has two cases where the finger was crushed by the paper tube during rewinding). 3. After unloading, you should pay attention to accurately fill in the label of the semi-finished product. The above are some small details that should be paid attention to during the production and processing of the coil. This is also some experience that the plastic bag has absorbed in the actual production and processing process.
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