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Solving the problem of dealumination of aluminized composite film

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-21
Packaging roll film is a packaging form that buyers like very much now. Compared with ordinary packaging bags, it not only reduces the procedures of slitting and bag making, but also reduces costs. Among them, there are two kinds of dealumination phenomena of aluminized composite film packaging: flake black spots appear on the aluminized surface, and the aluminized layer disappears. 1. Flake black spots appear on the aluminized surface. This is because the vacuum aluminized layer is very thin and is easily oxidized in the presence of moisture, so that flake black spots appear on the aluminized surface of the film. 2. The aluminized layer disappears, especially the packaging of PET aluminized film/PE film, and the tuyere edge of the PET aluminized film/PE film composite packaging bag. This is because aluminum disappears when damp or is eroded by the adhesive solvent in the middle, which is actually a phenomenon of dealumination. When the aluminized layer of the aluminized film is damp or eroded by the adhesive solvent, the composite film will also be opened. When the internal stress of the blown PE film shrinks and rebounds, the aluminum will transfer to the inner film, and then the aluminum will be lost. The backing of the thin film mirror plane disappeared as if it had disappeared. If you look closely, in fact trace amounts of metallic aluminum are also concentrated on the inner film. Countermeasures 1. The sealing edge of the aluminized composite packaging bag must be pressed well. Pay attention that the aluminized surface should not be bonded to the PE film. The aluminized surface should be compounded with the mask, and then the aluminized film surface and the inner PE film should be compounded. 2. Pay attention to the composite packaging bag of aluminized film, which should not be used as a bag for boiling and retorting.
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