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Some basic characteristics of food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-19
In addition to its own quality, the influence of a food on the market is largely due to the attractiveness of external packaging. Plastic bags share some basic characteristics of food packaging bags for you. Successful food packaging not only arouses consumers' attention and interest in products through the use of shapes, colors, patterns, and materials, but also enables consumers to accurately understand products through packaging. Because the purpose of people buying is not packaging, but the products in the packaging. The most effective way to accurately convey product information is to truly convey the image of the product. Fully transparent packaging can be used. The product can be displayed in a window on the packaging container. Product graphics can be drawn on the food packaging. Concise text descriptions can be made on the packaging. , You can print color product photos on the packaging and so on. Accurately conveying product information also requires the grade of the packaging to be compatible with the grade of the product. Covering up or exaggerating the quality and function of the product is a failed packaging. The ginseng exported from our country was once packed in sack and carton. Foreign businessmen suspected that it was dried radish. Naturally, they understood from this crude packaging grade. On the contrary, low-end products with luxurious and expensive packaging will not attract consumers. At present, most of the small food packaging printings on the market in our country are very exquisite. The eye-catching colors, gorgeous patterns and silver glittering aluminum foil bags plus moving instructions are extremely attractive to consumers, especially children, but in many cases The value of the food in the bag is far from the selling price, which makes people feel deceived. Therefore, the grade of the packaging must match the grade of the product. According to the successful experience of the domestic and foreign markets, the packaging of high-end consumer goods used by high-income earners mostly adopts simple and clear pictures, soft and elegant colors and high-quality materials; low-end consumer goods used by low-income earners , It uses obvious and bright colors and pictures, and then uses the term 'economical' to express it. This is to accurately convey product information to consumers and make them understandable. To accurately convey product information also requires that the shapes, colors, patterns, etc. used in packaging do not violate people's habits and lead to misunderstandings. Regarding food packaging bags, users and friends will have many different styles. The main reason is that when the product is launched on the market, customers can fall in love with the product at a glance, generate a desire to buy, and remember the product. Since the establishment of the plastic bag factory 18 years ago, many big brand customers at home and abroad have customized them. Many well-known food packaging bags, such as the more well-known McDonald's, KFC, milk chocolate, etc., have won unanimous praise from customers. If you want to know more about the products of food packaging bags, please click on the link to view
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