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Stationery packaging automatic pillow packaging machine

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-14
The stationery pillow packaging machine produced by Dongguan Packaging Service Co., Ltd. provides customers with stationery packaging processing services and stationery packaging machines for sale. Our fully automatic pillow packaging machine is designed with reasonable structure and stable and reliable operation. The packaging speed is fast and it is very suitable for assembly line operation. The packaging form is closed packaging, which can use pof or pvc film. Stationery packaging machine is suitable for stationery packaging, pencil box packaging, pencil packaging, pen packaging, greeting card packaging, red envelope packaging, card packaging, etc. 1. Advantages of automatic pillow packaging machine: 1. The machine can be packaged individually or in groups, yes Fully automatic shrink packaging machine designed for assembly line operation and mass packaging. 2. According to the specific situation of the product, an automatic feeding system can be selected to realize the unmanned operation of feeding. Various forms of conveyors ensure that the materials will not move or roll. 3. The anti-cut safety clutch device does not damage the packaging, so the overall efficiency is high. 4. After packaging, the product is sealed in line, and the steel pattern is clear and beautiful. 5. The control and drive core is composed of servo motor, programmable controller and large color touch LCD display, which greatly improves the control accuracy, speed range, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine; bag forming And the locking of cutting length, sealing temperature and other parameters is more accurate. 6. Simple operation and large packaging range: different products can be packaged by adjusting the size of the mold. 7. The machine runs stably, sturdy and durable, and has a long service life: the drawing adopts Japanese original design, the structure is reasonable, the main frame is made of 12mm thick steel plate, and the body is not deformed after aging treatment. The main electrical components are made of well-known brands from Japan and Germany, and are made with precision to ensure high quality. 2. Stationery packaging automatic pillow packaging machine features: 1. Adopt imported PLC control 2. AC motor is attached with a frequency converter to achieve stepless variable speed control, which can be dynamically adjusted during operation. 3. The new longitudinal sealing heating can be sealed in a low-temperature loading state, reducing the hot film during shutdown. 3. The advantages of heat shrinkable furnace mesh belt: 1. The Teflon mesh belt adopts German technology to produce the mesh belt with slow heat exchange, less heat carrying, and has many advantages such as high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and stretch resistance. It has become a high-end packaging industry. Mainstream configuration 2. Stainless steel tube mesh belt. The mesh belt adopts stainless steel tube with heat-resistant silicone tube. When the package is transported forward on the conveyor belt, the stainless steel tube can be rotated, so that the bottom of the package and the stainless steel tube can move relative to each other, reducing the bottom Indentation, improve shrinkage quality, suitable for larger shrinkage 3. Stainless steel mesh belt This mesh belt has a smooth mesh surface, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, good air permeability, not easy to deform, and durable And other special functions, suitable for high-quality, corrosive industries.
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