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Steps of Commodity Packaging Design

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-13
The soul of packaging design is conception. Only thinking can design good packaging, and some of it comes from market research. When conceiving the product, it is necessary to understand the customer group of the product, the current popular design style, the taste of the public, advanced technology and so on.  1. Positioning the market   There are several major domestic brands of laundry detergent-Liby, Diaopai, Omo and other daily necessities. Their market scope is very wide and they have been recognized by the majority of user groups. When we understand the product, we must communicate more with customers. Because they have a certain understanding of the market, they may give you some market-related information, which will greatly help our design. The washing powder product must be suitable for the general public, suitable for ordinary families, and its packaging must be able to stand out among many major brands, so that consumers can recognize this product. 2. Commodity packaging design methods start from the brand image, and use the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area to guide consumers to create points: Pavilion Wuyi Mountain, Jiao Jiao Girl, Mountain Beauty, Water Beauty, and People (Clothes) More Beautiful Product Purpose: Wash out nature, wash out beauty , Wash out healthy 3. Printing preparation Usually, the packaging of washing powder is not transparent, so it is usually possible to avoid printing the white plate. There is a kind of thin film material itself that is milky white and has good luster. This kind of film is called 'pearl film'. Using this material can save a piece of printing plate material when printing, but there are also some shortcomings, these can be selected according to customer needs printing materials. In gravure printing, there is white when printing, unlike paper, the most common is white paper. The packaging of this product is in the form of front and back, usually called 'double-sided bag' packaging. There are four printing colors: black, cyan, red, and yellow. Therefore, knowledge of materials and printing production is a required course for designers.  4. Finished product process   Before a product is printed, the process is complex and diversified, and errors can occur in every link. It is roughly divided into: design conception, pre-press preparation, design draft, final draft, production of three-dimensional renderings, pre-press computer production, printing plate production, batch printing, and final bag-making product.
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