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Steps to check the appearance quality of tea packaging bags and food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-10
(1) Functional inspection: the first step is to check 1 size measurement...The size of each part of the bag is 2 edge sealing strength test-whether the edge is sufficient or not, what is the range of the deviation? 3 Sealing/cutting integrity check R machine (explosive method for stretching and pulling the milk u003d flat, with or without beveled edges) closing machine (with or without glue in the palms meets the requirements, and whether there is a seal): whether the flat bag machine is folded or not Reverse) Whether the glue is anti-adhesive): Folding material (whether the pressing tooth is strong enough, whether the pearl film is made of silver, (2) Appearance inspection: second step inspection 1. Poor cutting bag type: whether there is a large and small side of the power master, 2. , Folding and slitting defects: Press ^ Yes u003d whether the wrong trimmed edges are burnt, etc. 3. Composite type defects • Whether the electronic surface is a ff, the pressing teeth are hairy, whether the folding material is scratched, wrinkled, etc. Whether the flashing is equal. 4. The printing type is not good. Whether the electronic surface is printed or not, whether there are bubbles, crystal dots, ® wrinkles, whether the glue is on the surface, etc. 1. Whether the outside of the bag is clean and conforms to Normal hygiene requirements, etc. 2. Whether there is any dirt in the bag, such as black spots, sundries, oil, hair, sharp tools, etc. 3. Labels and samples must be consistent with the product, and cannot be mixed, and the packing must be consistent with the production Requirement U), the handling of bad problems
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