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Structure and application of aluminum foil composite bag

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-23
Aluminum foil composite bags have been widely used in food, medicine, aerospace and other fields due to their light weight, good airtightness, and good covering properties. Mainly widely used in the moisture-proof packaging of powdery and hygroscopic items (such as food, medicine, seeds, etc.). Plastic/aluminum/plastic structure: aluminum foil (aluminized layer) and high-strength, heat-sealable chant film for dry Compounded. The main characteristics of the composite material are excellent barrier properties, soft and foldable, high mechanical strength, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent heat sealing performance. With the continuous improvement of aluminum foil production technology, the advantages of composite aluminum foil bags have become more and more obvious. This has opened up new incremental space for the application of aluminum foil in the packaging industry. Compared with developed countries such as Europe and the United States, my country's per capita aluminum consumption is still low. Low. The aluminum foil composite bag adopts high temperature resistant plastic or nylon layer and high temperature resistant adhesive aluminum plastic composite film, which can withstand high temperature sterilization treatment of 120 to 150 degrees, and is used for sauce-like, paste-like, solid-like cooking food packaging and space food packaging . Plastic/aluminum/plastic composite materials usually have three forms according to product packaging requirements, as shown in Figure 3-4. The frame layer plastic is still a plastic resin film substrate with high mechanical strength and good printing adaptability, such as HDPE, BOPP, BOPET and NY, etc., while the functional layer plastic is generally a plastic resin film substrate with good barrier properties and puncture resistance. Materials, such as PVDC, NY, etc., and the hot melt adhesive extrusion layer in Figure 3-4 is generally some thermoplastic hot melt adhesive resin, which is extruded between the frame layer plastic and the aluminum layer or the aluminum layer and the heat The plastic layers are directly bonded without applying adhesives. The resulting flexible packaging composite material has no solvent residue problems, good environmental protection and sanitation, and high bonding (composite) strength.
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