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Tea aluminum foil packaging bag

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-24
Plastic bag and aluminum foil bag storage method of green tea Green tea refers to the product made by using the new leaves or buds of the tea tree, without fermenting, after finishing, or shaping, drying and other typical processes. Drinking green tea regularly can prevent cancer, lower blood lipids and lose weight.  Specializing in the production of tea packaging bags and vacuum packaging bags, remind you that you must pay attention to skills when storing green tea in plastic bags or aluminum foil bags. It is best to choose a plastic bag that has a seal and is used for holding food. The material is thicker and denser. Do not use flavored or remanufactured plastic bags. The air in the tea bag should be squeezed out as much as possible after the tea is put into it. It is better if the second plastic bag can be used to cover the tea in the reverse direction. After the tea is packed in a transparent plastic bag, it is not easy to be exposed to the sun. The principle of packing tea in aluminum foil bags is similar to that of plastic bags. In addition, the purchased tea is packaged in bags, sealed and placed in the refrigerator, and then brewed in batches to reduce the chance of contact with air after the tea is opened and delay the deterioration of quality. Avoid using aluminum foil bags to store dark tea. Dark tea is named after the black appearance of the finished tea. It is a fully fermented tea, one of the six major tea types (green tea, black tea, yellow tea, white tea, green tea, and dark tea). Warm tips for specializing in the production of tea packaging bags and vacuum packaging bags. The storage method of dark tea is different from general green tea. When storing dark tea, you need to pay attention to three points: First, avoid sunlight. Sun exposure will accelerate the oxidation of tea products and produce some unpleasant chemical components, such as the smell of sunlight, which will not disappear for a long time. Second, avoid airtight ventilation. Ventilation helps the natural oxidation of tea products, and at the same time absorbs the moisture of the air properly (but the moisture cannot be too high, otherwise it is easy to mold), can accelerate the damp and heat oxidation process of the tea body, and also provide moisture and oxygen for the metabolism of probiotics. Do not use plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, etc. to seal them, and use kraft paper bags, leather papers and other packaging materials with better permeability for storage. Third, avoid peculiar smell to prevent pollution. Tea has strong adsorption and cannot be mixed with substances with peculiar smell. This can ensure the pure taste of the tea.
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