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Tell you the advantages and disadvantages of three-side sealing bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-10
When people mention the production and use of packaging bags, they can always hear words such as three-side sealing, four-side sealing, eight-side sealing, and back-sealing bags. Back-sealing bags, as the name suggests, are also relatively common. What about the bag? Today, the aluminum foil bag manufacturer will introduce the meaning, advantages and disadvantages of three-side sealing to you. The three-side seal is actually the top, left, and right sides. The three sides are sealed in advance. The reason why it is specially introduced is that the four-side seal belongs to the packaging bag with two sealing sides on the left and right sides, and does not include the upper side. Comparing the two, ordinary people cannot understand the difference between the two and the reason for their name. Three-side sealing bag is a very common type of packaging bag in daily life. Its commonly used materials include PET, CPE, CPP, OPP, PA, AL, KPET, etc., plastic food packaging bags, vacuum bags, rice bags, stand-up bags, zippers Bags, aluminum foil bags, tea bags, candy bags, powder bags, rice bags, cosmetic bags, facial mask bags, medicine bags, pesticide bags, paper-plastic bags, special-shaped bags, anti-static bags, plastic bags and other small commodities , therefore, their advantages and disadvantages are also obvious. Advantages: The air tightness is the best, and the vacuum bag must usually be made in this way; Disadvantages: The capacity is small and the packaging speed is slow.
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