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Tell you the precautions for the safe use of plastic packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-09
First, the harmful substances contained in the plastic bags are released, thereby contaminating the food. If you eat these contaminated foods, people are prone to vomiting, diarrhea and other food poisoning symptoms. In the long run, it will not only affect human health, but also have a huge impact on children's health and development. Second, do not use ultra-thin plastic bags. Ultra-thin plastic bags are light in weight and thin in thickness, but have a certain load-bearing capacity. It looks good, do you know why these ultra-thin plastic bags can achieve such performance? That's because plastic bag manufacturers add plasticizers in the production process, and this plasticizer is extremely harmful to human health. National laws and regulations also prohibit manufacturers from producing and selling ultra-thin plastic bags with a thickness of less than 2.5c. . Moreover, ultra-thin plastic bags are of poor quality and are difficult to recycle, which is not in line with the concept of environmental protection. Third, do not pack alcoholic foods in plastic bags. Why? Because alcohol-based food will dissolve the lead in the polyvinyl chloride plastic bag into the food. It is generally known that lead is a heavy metal and is toxic to the human body. Once a person absorbs excessive lead, severe abdominal cramps, anemia, toxic liver disease, toxic nephropathy, and multiple peripheral neuropathy will occur. Fourth, ordinary plastic bags cannot hold food and heat it in a microwave oven. Heating plastic bags is prone to produce carcinogens, which is very unfavorable to human health. Consumers should use a special microwave oven to heat plastic films. Consumers should use special food packaging bags, especially dark plastic bags, which are likely to be reprocessed from recycled plastics, and should be resolutely avoided for food packaging. Mastering the correct use of plastic bags can not only prolong the service life of plastic bags, but also protect personal health.
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