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Tell you why food packaging bags wrinkle

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-09
1. Uneven thickness of substrate The uneven thickness of the substrate will inevitably affect the packaging of food packaging bags, so it is necessary to ensure the uniform thickness of the substrate during packaging, so that the problem of wrinkling of the packaging bag can be effectively avoided during packaging. . 2. The unwinding of the substrate is skewed so that it does not skew during the conveying process. The best way to solve this problem is to adjust the position of the film, which can effectively avoid the problem of wrinkling in the vacuum packaging bag. 3. If the amount of glue applied is too much or there is a lack of problems caused by gluing, it is relatively easy to point. Consult experienced people and ask them to inform the normal paint specifications, and then apply glue evenly and adjust the amount of glue, which can be effective. Solve the problem of uneven coating. 4. Insufficient drying of the adhesive If the drying of the adhesive is insufficient, the adhesive force will be reduced, and the two substrates after compounding will be displaced. Then we should make the adhesive fully dry and adjust the process parameters. Reduce the residual amount of solvent, so the problem will be solved. 5. The composite film is wound directly without cooling or cooling is not enough If the composite film is directly wound without cooling or cooling is not enough, then we should wait for the composite film to be fully cooled before winding. The reasons for the wrinkling of food packaging bags are mainly reflected in the above aspects. If people want the vacuum packaging bags not to wrinkle, they should pay attention to the above problems, so as to ensure the integrity of the vacuum packaging bags. How to solve the problem of air leakage in vacuum packaging bags? 1. Control the initial microorganisms of raw materials. Minimize the degree of contamination of raw materials as much as possible, strictly select raw materials, and avoid using the principle of contaminated deterioration, so as to avoid product deterioration due to excessive microbial residues, resulting in bag swelling. 2. Improve the quality of staff. Improve the quality of staff and strengthen the awareness of quality control, establish a comprehensive quality management system, actively implement quality control activities, and give full play to the subjective initiative of staff. Improper operation of the staff will increase the contamination of the food and cause the bag to rise. 3. Control the raw materials of each processing procedure. The processing procedures should be closely coordinated, and the shorter the transfer time, the better, and the processing time, processing temperature and pickling time should have operating standards to ensure the production of qualified products. On the other hand, from product cleaning and disinfection to semi-finished products The time should be as short as possible to reduce microbial contamination. Otherwise, bacterial residues and breeding are likely to occur, resulting in the phenomenon of bag swelling. 4. Ensure timely sterilization after vacuum sealing. Ensure that the products are sterilized in time after vacuum sealing, so as to facilitate the smooth flow of goods, strictly abide by the operation procedures of the sterilization process, improve the control, maintenance, and quality inspection skills of operators, and avoid secondary pollution of finished products; regularly check the operation performance of the sterilizer, The sterilizer with functional problems should be discarded, or the cause should be strictly corrected.
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