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Testing standards for instant noodle plastic packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-03
Facilitate to face the quality requirements of packaging and materials mainly from functional requirements, including safety factors such as oxygen resistance, moisture resistance, light protection, sealing, peculiar smell (solvent residue), etc., and evaluation of its printing and machine performance, such as mechanics Performance, heat sealing performance, surface smoothness, printing quality, etc. In order to meet the above requirements, Plastic Bag Co., Ltd. selects reasonable packaging materials, and conducts quality inspection and control of incoming materials, production and processing, and leaving the factory in accordance with relevant standards and specifications to ensure reliable product quality. Instant noodles are deep-fried and dry foods, which are easily oxidized and deteriorated, softened by damp, and moldy. Once oxidized, fatty acids are easily produced, which causes the acid value to exceed the standard; while dampness will affect the taste of the stool, leading to deterioration or even moldy, which will cause quality during the consumption process. The solvent residue in the accident will produce peculiar smell, which can directly lead to consumers' recognition and purchase of the product. Of course, the peculiar smell still exists in the film itself. The solvent residue must be controlled from the original packaging processing. Use ink and solvent to control, once the solvent residue exceeds the standard, it will cause serious harm to the health of consumers. The detection of solvent purity and solvent residues is carried out by a professional gas chromatograph to completely eliminate potential safety hazards. Instant noodles are a product that easily absorbs moisture and is prone to oxidative deterioration. In addition to controlling the oxygen and water vapor barrier properties of the packaging materials, the tightness of the packaging bag must be ensured, and no air leakage may occur, so as to avoid product leakage or even product corruption. . Poor sealing performance mainly originates from the sealing part, so the focus of the sealing test should be to pay attention to whether there is leakage in the sealing part.  The beautiful printing of packaging is one of the factors that cause consumers to purchase behavior. Relatively high requirements for packaging printing quality, large amount of information, fine text, rich and uniform color. The quality of product packaging and printing directly affects consumers' trust in the product. If you want to ensure the beautiful appearance quality, you need to control the printing quality.  In color printing, it is necessary to rely on manual color identification, which often produces different evaluations due to different lighting environments or print quality problems due to metamerism. Equipping with standard light sources can effectively avoid such problems. The above content is explained from the inspection of barrier properties, sealing, (odor) solvent residues and printing quality of instant noodle packaging. At the same time, it is also necessary to conduct machine performance, such as mechanical properties, heat sealing properties, and surface smoothness properties. Inspection and control to ensure reliable product quality. Plastic Bag Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the production of food packaging bags for 18 years. The world's top production equipment is the guarantee of quality. We sincerely welcome users to visit our factory!
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