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The advantages of eight-side sealing bags! Which do you know?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-16
The eight-side sealing bag is a very popular product in the plastic packaging industry. Although its price is higher than that of ordinary packaging bags, it has a wide range of applications. Such as red dates, walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, etc. in dried fruits, milk powder, oatmeal, protein powder, etc. in nutritional products, as well as beef jerky, small bread, etc. in snack foods, including tea packaging bags, pet food packaging bags Eight-side sealing bags are also commonly used. There must be a reason for this. Next, the editor will introduce the advantages of the eight-side sealing bag: ① The eight-side sealing bag has better stability than other bags. It has four sealing edges on the bottom, which make the bottom flat and can stand stably with or without stuffing. Whether it is on sale or in use, it brings us a lot of convenience. ②The eight-side sealing bag has more display surface than other bags. It has a total of 5 sides to display. There is more information to be displayed on the food packaging bag, and the two display sides of the ordinary bag are slightly insufficient. The 5 display surfaces of the eight-side sealing bag have sufficient space for brand image design. ③The eight-side sealing bag has a delicate three-dimensional sense. In terms of three-dimensional sense, the eight-sided sealing bag relies on this exquisite shape, and the packaging products are high-end and atmospheric, very eye-catching, and can leave a deep impression on people, which has a great effect on brand promotion. ④The flatness of the eight-side sealing bag is high. After filling with items, the eight-side sealing bag can maintain better flatness and have a beautiful appearance, which cannot be achieved by other packaging bags. The above points are the advantages of the eight-side sealing bag, can't you help the temptation? Then take the time to customize it!
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