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The annual consumption of express tape is 10 billion meters, and most of the packaging bags are toxic and difficult to degrade

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-18
A few days ago, statistics from the State Post Bureau revealed that in 2015, the national express delivery consumed a total of 2.96 billion woven bags, 8.26 billion plastic bags, 9.9 billion packaging boxes, and 16.95 billion meters of tape, of which the length of the tape can circle the earth's equator 425 times. Are these massive packages really necessary? Tape packaging bags are the main force of express garbage“We generally require fixed customers to pack well, pick up and shake it and cannot hear it‘bang bang’Otherwise, if there is a problem, compensation will be required, and sometimes it is difficult to clarify the responsibility.”According to the people at Best Huitong's contracted outlets, most merchants and couriers would rather pay compensation for damage to goods.‘Excessive packaging’, in order to prevent problems before they happen. In fact, for the disposal of the packing box, although ordinary citizens often choose to throw it away directly, some outlets and businesses will use it for a second time. At the Cainiao Station of Xi'an International Studies University, I saw that there were many unpacked express boxes on the ground. The staff said that many students will unpack the package directly here, and the box will usually be left for other students to send. An aunt who purchased waste products told reporters that in addition to packaging boxes that can be recycled as waste paper, woven bags, plastic bags, and bubble pads are not included in the purchase scope. Most express packaging bags are toxic and difficult to degrade. The reporter learned that the plastic bags used for express delivery are often complicated in composition. They are mainly reprocessed from chemical materials and household waste, and may have a large amount of plasticizers, flame retardants and other toxic and harmful residues. Substances cannot be reprocessed or degraded, and most of them can only be landfilled or incinerated, which have great harm to people and the environment. At present, the state does not have specific regulations on packaging problems in express transportation, and if express companies replace ordinary plastic products with environmentally friendly and degradable packaging materials, it will inevitably increase costs.“Now there are more and more express companies and more and more outlets, and the competitiveness is too great. If I use environmentally friendly plastic bags, the cost will increase for me. If the cost of green packaging is passed on to consumers, I am afraid they will not be willing.”Zeng Yongbo said. Check the relevant information. At present, my country's regulations on express packaging are only standardized standards and are not mandatory, and plastic packaging bags such as express delivery are not available.“Plastic Restriction Order”within the limits. Driven by interests, courier companies and merchants will naturally adopt cheap ways to package. Obviously, to solve the problem of express garbage, it is also necessary to establish relevant institutional norms at the national level.
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