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The application and development of stand-up pouches in the flexible packaging industry is a must-see!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-31
People's purchasing power for fast-moving consumer goods continues to increase, and the rapid opening of the fast-moving consumer goods market has also led to the rise of flexible packaging. At present, the types and applications of packaging bags are very wide, and good packaging can also establish a high-quality image of the product, improve the competitiveness of the product, and then promote product sales. 1. The varieties of stand-up pouches and the advantages of using them Packaging, breathable packaging, microwave sterilization packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging, vacuum packaging, deoxygenation packaging, blister packaging, skin packaging, stretch packaging, retort bag packaging, etc. The above-mentioned various packaging bags are all made of different composite materials, and their packaging characteristics correspond to the requirements of different products, which can effectively maintain the quality and stability of the product itself. Stand-up pouches are considered as a classic of modern packaging, and also a relatively novel packaging method. They occupy a certain place in many aspects such as traversing the product level, strengthening the visual effect of the shelf, being concise, easy to use, waterproof, moisture-proof, oxidation-proof, and sealable. Advantage. In terms of types, stand-up pouches can be divided into five types: general stand-up pouches, nozzle stand-up pouches, stand-up zipper bags, imitation mouth stand-up pouches, and special-shaped stand-up pouches. Mainly used in fruit juice drinks, condiments, clothing, hardware and electronics, cleaning supplies, cosmetics and other products. Products packaged in stand-up pouches are very convenient for customers. Because they are plastic packaging bags, they are light in weight and not easily damaged. Other self-supporting pouches with zipper/bones can be reused. The spout pouches make it easier to pour out the food, and the delicate printing can help the product to attract the attention of customers. Stand-up pouches are generally laminated by PET/FOIL/PET/PE structure, and can also have 2 layers, 3 layers and other standard materials. Depending on the packaged product, an oxygen barrier protective layer can be added as required to reduce the oxygen permeability and extend the shelf life of the product. The general stand-up pouch and the conventional stand-up pouch adopt the four-sealing method, which cannot be re-sealed and opened repeatedly; the stand-up pouch with a suction nozzle is more convenient to dump or cause the contents, and can be re-closed and re-opened at the same time, which can be considered as self-supporting The combination of the bag and the general bottle mouth; the imitation mouth-type stand-up pouch combines the convenience of a stand-up pouch with a suction nozzle and the cheapness of a general stand-up pouch, that is, the function of the suction nozzle is terminated through the shape of the bag itself, but the mouth-like stand-up pouch It cannot be re-sealed; the special-shaped stand-up pouch is a new stand-up pouch of various shapes produced by changes on the basis of the traditional bag type according to the needs of the product, such as waist design, bottom deformation design, handle design, etc. 2. Three common quality problems of stand-up pouches 1. Leakage of stand-up pouches 2. Material selection The material selection of the stand-up pouch is very important to prevent leakage. The purpose is to overcome the peel strength between the outer layer and the central barrier layer, the barrier layer and the heat sealing layer material and the heat sealing strength of the bag. Therefore, it is required that the surface tension of the composite surface of the film must be greater than 38dyn/cm; the low-temperature heat sealing function of the inner heat sealing film must be better, and the surface tension of the heat cover must be less than 34dyn/cm; High solid content and low viscosity adhesive, high purity organic solvent. 3. Heat sealing strength Low heat sealing strength is also one of the important factors affecting the leakage of stand-up pouches. When heat sealing, it is necessary to adjust the matching connection of heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure and heat sealing time. In particular, pay attention to the heat sealing temperature of bags with different structures. Due to the different melting points of different types of plastic films, the heat sealing temperature is also different; the heat sealing pressure should not be too large, and the heat sealing time should not be too long to prevent the degradation of macromolecules. The layer is sheared by the heat sealing knife in the molten state at high temperature, which reduces the sealing strength. In addition, the four-layer sealing part at the bottom of the stand-up pouch is the most critical part. Only after sufficient experimental verification can the heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure and heat sealing time be confirmed. In the actual production process, the leakage test of the stand-up pouch should be done according to the different requirements of the contents. The simplest and most practical method is to fill the bag with a certain amount of air, heat seal the mouth of the bag, put it into a basin containing water, and squeeze different parts of the bag with your hands. The sealing and airtightness is good; otherwise, the heat sealing temperature and pressure of the leaking part should be adjusted in time. The self-supporting bag containing liquid should be treated with caution, and the liquid leakage can be detected by squeezing and dropping methods. The drop test method can also refer to the above-mentioned standards.
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