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The card 'wears' clothes, which can better reflect the value of the card

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-23
The card 'wears' means to wrap the card, which is simply the card packaging. The card 'wears' clothes, just like a person wears clothes, what kind of clothes they wear, it shows what kind of grade they wear. So when choosing to pack the card, you should choose “clothes”, that is, packaging film. For general card packaging, most businesses will choose transparent opp heat-sealing film. The biggest advantage of this kind of packaging film is the low cost. If the customer's goods are purely to protect the product, choosing this kind of film is a good choice. This kind of film is most widely used in card packaging and toy packaging. Aluminized film is also commonly used as a film for card packaging. Compared with the transparent film, this kind of film makes the product appear more high-end because the inner product cannot be seen. In addition to card packaging, such packaging is often used in food packaging, daily necessities packaging, cosmetic packaging, stationery packaging, and hotel supplies packaging. The cost of this kind of film is slightly higher than that of transparent film, but if you want to increase the value of the product from the outer packaging, It is necessary to choose this card packaging method. For different needs, choosing different card packaging will bring unexpected packaging effects to your cards. If you want to know more packaging details, please call Dongguan, or log on to for more packaging information.
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