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The choice of plastic packaging bags should be based on health and safety

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-02
In our life, we basically use food packaging bags to package food, so how to effectively choose food packaging bags? Plastic itself will release harmful gas, and the gas concentration increases with the increase of sealing time and temperature, resulting in different degrees of contamination of the food in the bag. The blind use of plastic bags to package food is harmful to health. Relevant laws in my country expressly stipulate that recycled plastics shall not be used in the processing of plastic tableware, containers and food packaging materials; However, some of the plastic bags currently on the market are three-no products, and many of them are made of recycled plastics. Direct contact with food of these types of plastic bags will endanger human health, but because of their low prices, they are still popular in the market. I believe many people can't stand those‘Sanwu’For the health of me and my family, many people have been insisting on placing them in their handbags and buying them in big supermarkets.‘PE’marked plastic bags to avoid being‘Sanwu’of plastic bags.
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