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The composite packaging bag works well, please keep these elements in mind

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-26
In the composite process planning of composite packaging bag materials, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that structural planning and process planning complement each other, and also pay attention to some elements that should be considered in the process planning of composite packaging bags. By grasping these, we can make better composite packaging bags. 1. Complementary structure planning and process planning in composite packaging bags For composite packaging bags, with excellent structure and functional planning, there must be a practical process planning to match, in order to give full play to the function of structural planning. In the production of composite packaging bag materials, structural planning and process planning are complementary. Process planning must be carried out at the same time as structural planning, and the feasibility of the process is often bound by structural planning; conversely, products of the same structure can also be used for multiple Different processes are used to produce composite packaging bags with the same structure but different functions. 2. Factors to be considered in the process planning of composite packaging bags , Functional coating materials, various resins, additives, etc. 2. Equipment elements The habit of printing equipment to materials. Whether it has reversing equipment, the maximum and minimum specifications of the substrate used, the printing quality level that printing equipment can achieve, such as the type of gravure, flexo, screen printing equipment and its impact on printing quality. Composite specification planning for composite equipment. The type of composite equipment is an important factor in determining the performance of composite materials. Dry and wet composite machines can produce various packaging materials and are the most widely used, but the cost is relatively high. Extrusion compounding includes single-layer coating, single-layer extrusion compounding, double or multi-series series extrusion compounding, co-extrusion compounding, etc. The series compounding equipment can compound 5-13 layers of materials at one time, and the co-extrusion compounding can extrude compounding. Functional materials. Specification planning of the material cut by the slitting equipment. The variety of materials to be cut, the minimum and maximum cutting specifications, etc. The variety of bag making equipment that can make bags. Such as three-side sealing, three-dimensional bags, zipper bags, etc., the maximum and minimum specifications for bags can be made. 3. The impact of product requirements on the process is mainly that the materials used for packaging have requirements for the types of film adhesives and solvents used and the amount of solvent residues.
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