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The correct way to choose food packaging materials

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-27
Reliable packaging machinery and equipment, using advanced packaging technology, so as to achieve the goal of protecting food and extending the shelf life. So what are the requirements for the selection of food packaging materials?  1. It is necessary to understand the protection requirements of food.   Different foods have different chemical compositions and properties, so different foods have different requirements for packaging protection. For example, cakes are rich in fat, soft, and have certain requirements for good water content. Therefore, they must at least meet these requirements: oil resistance and high oxygen resistance (to prevent oil leakage and grease from being oxidized), high moisture resistance (to prevent cake loss The moisture dries out and hardens). The packaging of tea should have high oxygen barrier properties (to prevent the effective ingredients from being oxidized), high moisture barrier properties (the tea leaves moldy and degenerate when damp), high light barrier properties (the chlorophyll in the tea leaves will change under the action of sunlight), and high barrier aroma properties (tea Molecular aroma components are easily dissipated and lose the tea flavor. In addition, tea is also easy to absorb external odors). At present, some parts of the tea on the market are packaged in ordinary PE, PP and other transparent plastic bags, which greatly wastes the effective ingredients of the tea. Quality cannot be guaranteed. Contrary to the above-mentioned foods, fruits, vegetables, etc. have respiration options after picking, that is, the packaging is required to have different permeability to different gases. For example, roasted coffee beans slowly release carbon dioxide after packaging, and cheese also produces carbon dioxide after packaging. Therefore, their packaging should be highly oxygen-barrier and highly carbon dioxide-permeable. The packaging of fruits and vegetables is often required to be mold-proof, because the small droplets on the inner wall of the packaging bag will produce a series of unfavorable biochemical uses of the fruits and vegetables, causing them to be easy to brown and perish. Different varieties of fruits and vegetables and the same kind of fruits and vegetables of different maturity have different requirements for air permeability and selectivity of packaging materials. Raw meat, processed meat foods, beverages, snacks, baked foods, etc. also have very different protective requirements for packaging. For example, the coating of canned meat should be resistant to sulfur, the coating of canned fruit should be resistant to acid, the container of aerated beverage should be able to withstand a certain pressure, and the packaging container of alcohol should be resistant to alcohol and block aromas. Therefore, the packaging should be designed scientifically according to the different nature of the food itself and the protective requirements of the water.  Second, choose packaging materials with appropriate protection function  The traditional packaging materials are mainly glass bottles, metal cans, cartons, and cartons. Modern food packaging materials mainly include plastics, paper, composite materials (plastic/plastic, plastic/paper, plastic/aluminum, foil/paper/plastic and other types of multilayer composite materials), glass bottles, metal cans Wait.  1, composite materials    composite materials are the most diverse and widely used flexible packaging materials. At present, there are more than 30 kinds of plastics used for food packaging, and there are hundreds of multi-layer composite materials containing plastics. Composite materials generally use 2-6 layers, but can reach 10 or more layers for special needs. Using plastic, paper or thin paper machine, aluminum foil and other substrates, scientifically and reasonably composite or laminated, can almost meet the packaging requirements of various foods. For example, the shelf life of Tetra Pak packaged milk made of plastic/cardboard/aluminum-plastic/plastic and other multilayer materials can be as long as six months to one year. The shelf life of some high-barrier soft-packaged meat cans can be as long as 3 years, and the shelf life of composite packaging cakes in some developed countries can reach more than one year. After one year, the nutrition, color, aroma, taste, shape and microbial content of the cake are still in line Require. Special attention should be paid to the choice of each layer of substrate in the design of composite material packaging. The combination must be scientific and reasonable, and the comprehensive performance of each layer combination must meet the overall requirements of food packaging.  2, plastic   there are as many as fifteen or six kinds of plastics used in food packaging in my country, such as PE, PP, PS, PET, PA, PVDC, EVA, PVA, EVOH, PVC, ionomer resin and so on. Among them are PVA, EVOH, PVDC, PET, PA, etc. with high oxygen resistance, PVDC, PP, PE, etc. with high moisture resistance; radiation resistance such as PS aromatic nylon, etc.; low temperature resistance such as PE, EVA, POET, PA, etc.; good oil resistance and mechanical properties such as ionomer resin, PA, PET, etc., that is resistant to high temperature sterilization and low temperature, such as PET, PA, etc. The monomer molecular structure of various plastics is different, the degree of polymerization is different, the type and quantity of additives are different, and the performance is also different. Even the properties of different grades of the same plastic will be different. Therefore, suitable plastics or combinations of plastics and other materials must be selected according to the requirements. Improper selection may cause the quality of the food to decrease or even lose its edible value.
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